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Sabiss, a job search platform dedicated to Middle Eastern and African talent !

Sabiss is a unique job search platform for all the talents of the African continent and the Middle East region. At Sabiss, we are committed to promoting equal opportunities in the labor market. Both a job search platform for candidates and a recruitment platform for employers, our goal is to allow every talent to be discovered. Through the publication of thousands of job offers and CVs, we connect candidates with recruiters from all over the world. We are committed to supporting both candidates and companies by putting in place tools to make your research as efficient as possible.

So, whether you are looking for the opportunity of your life or the ideal candidate, do not hesitate to join us, your future awaits you! Find all the opportunities available to you through your job platform , interact with employers from all over the world, discover the latest recruitment trends... As much work as you dream of as the ideal candidate for your company, Sabiss will help you find them!

Responsiveness, freedom and advice are our values within our job search platform . Thus, throughout your research, we remain attentive to your needs. At Sabiss, there are no restrictions, whether you are a candidate or a recruiter, you keep total control of your research, you are perfectly free of your actions. And through our various services (chatbox, blog, ...), we guide you and give you the best advice so that you can achieve your goals and succeed in your job search .

Find your dream job on your job search platform!

Want to work and settle in another country internationally? Many of you choose this solution and the opportunities are very real on our job search platform internationally. Certainly, for many of us, having a good comfort and feeling well in your work or in your situation in Africa and the Middle East is the best thing that can happen to us. Yet, what is not realized is the multitude of advantages and positive points brought by taking the big leap and leaving to live and work abroad, in France, in Europe, in Asia, in Canada, in the United States... and whether for a short period or for an indefinite period, for a fixed-term or a temporary contract…

Discovering a new country, new professional environments, a new culture, new ways of looking at things is also very beneficial because it allows you to be more open, more understanding, and increases your adaptability in a very beautiful way. To fulfill your dream, Sabiss is your job search platform , a leader in connecting people looking for stimulating and meaningful work with employers who are looking for their enthusiasm, energy and knowledge. We believe you can and should love your work, and we want to help you get there!

Of course, you will also find on your job search platform different job offers in Africa and the Middle East if you want to look for a new job, a new career opportunity, a job that meets all your expectations...


Our job platform will be your best ally for job search or talent search!

Management, Finance and Accounting, Human Resources, Marketing, Commercial, Bank and Insurance, IT Development... and Director, Manager, Manager... our job platform lists various job opportunities in many sectors and in different countries. Looking for a job is not always a pleasure. In this sense, we have chosen to create an efficient and easy-to-use job search platform. Whether in a fixed contract or temporary work missions, and whatever your experience, there are many opportunities available every day, in all sectors and in different countries: France, but also across Europe, Canada, the United States, Asia ... as well as the Middle East and Africa.

For companies as well, good recruitment is never easy! And then it takes time. Time, especially for a company, is money. Our recruitment platform will then turn out to be your preferred tool for perfecting your recruitment strategy!

Sabiss, the recruitment platform that helps you find your best talents!

Whether you're a group, a company, a community, an association... looking for new talent, our recruitment platform simplifies your life. As a privileged intermediary between applicants and employers, our CV bank or CV library is regularly updated and collects many different profiles so that you can attract candidates from different backgrounds and speed up the hiring process. More than just a recruitment platform , Sabiss can advise and accompany every company in its quest for the ideal candidate.

Find out the richness and quality of the profiles presented on our recruitment platform , you can easily access qualified applications that meet your expectations through the database.