5 signs that your job interview went well

How do you know whether or not your interview went well? Here are five indicators that the upcoming answer will be what you expect.

You won’t know if your interview went well until the recruiter responds, but there are a few indicators that can persuade you in one direction or the other. Keep in mind that first impressions aren’t always accurate. It’s never a bad idea to expect the unexpected!


1. The recruiter asks you when you could start.

The question, which is asked at the start of the interview, is of limited importance and corresponds to one point on a list of information that the recruiter wants to collect. It has greater weight when asked at the end of the interview: the recruiter has most likely opted to ask it only when the prospect meets his or her expectations and when he or she sees the candidate as a possible collaborator, and at this stage, you can already feel that your interview went well.

It’s also a good idea to bring up the subject of pay. There’s little point in discussing your pay requirements if your application isn’t convincing.


2. The recruiter wants to see you again.

A new interview, no matter how long the recruitment process has taken, is a good indicator. The recruiter wants you to meet other corporate employees or simply have your application validated conclusively. The second (or third…) interview is sometimes more of a formality than a step of selection. However, be sure to stay active and professional till you’re hired!


3. They tell you that your profile matches the offer.

When you’re at the physical interview stage, this is less likely, but the recruiter on the other end of the line may assure you that everything is OK on his end and that you’ll hear from him soon to agree on the next step, and you think your interview went well. Nothing is guaranteed at this point, but it will save you time and uncertainty.


4. Your interview takes longer than expected.

Recruiters do not want to waste time dragging out an interview if they are soon aware that the candidate is not a good fit. The length of the interview varies depending on the industry, the position, and the recruiter, but it is not encouraging if it is over before the first 15 minutes are over. A one-hour interview with energetic exchanges and queries, on the other hand, provides a highly positive signal that your interview went well!


5. The recruiter asks you if you have responded to other offers.

This question demonstrates that the recruiter is interested in learning more about them and how they plan to proceed. Is he or she a rival? Is it necessary for him or her to be more responsive than expected? In any case, this question will never be demanded at the start of a phone interview; rather, it is proof of the recruiter’s interest after he has thoroughly investigated your profile and past.

So, what’s next? If you think the interview went well, you should be prepared for a favorable response and have a plan in place for what you want to do next. Also, if you don’t hear back, remember to create a reminder for a future follow-up. Moreover, don’t put your job hunt on pause because you’ll be placing all your eggs in one basket and missing out on other opportunities!





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