About us

At Sabiss, we are committed to promoting equal opportunities in the job market. Our goal is to allow each talent to be discovered. To do so, we have designed a unique job search platform dedicated to the talent in the African continent and the Middle East region.

Through the publication of thousands of job offers and CVs, we connect candidates with recruiters from around the world. Eager to accompany candidates as well as companies, we put in place tools to make your research as effective as possible.

So, whether you are looking for the opportunity of a lifetime or the ideal candidate, do not hesitate and join us, your future awaits !

  • +200 Jobs
  • +15000 Active CVs
  • +40 Positions Matched

Our Values

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    Throughout your research, we remain at your disposal, paying close attention to your needs.

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    At Sabiss there is no restrictions. Whether a candidate or an employer, you remain in total control of your research.

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    Through our various services (chatbox, blog, ...) we guide you so you can achieve your goals.