Adapt your CV to each job offer : 4 Tips to follow!

A few guidelines are necessary for the lengthy process of job searching. One of them is to modify and adapt your CV in accordance with the employment offer. Although this personalisation work is time-consuming, it helps you increase your chances of catching recruiters’ attention and landing an interview. Here are some pointers to adapt your CV to each job offer.


1. Valuing relevant experience and skills

Typically, a recruiter needs to read a lot of applications and only gives each CV a few minutes of their time and that’s why you should adapt your CV. It is not necessary to list every experience if having a variety of them is a strength. Emphasize the ones that will improve your application and are most likely to get their attention.

Depending on the organization, the job, and the assignment, different talents will be needed. Create a logical and straightforward connection between the position you are applying for and your professional background in order to satisfy the requirements of each company. Technical and behavioral abilities are both important to adapt your CV, and recruiters prize “soft skills” since they can make you stand out among other candidates who are similarly qualified.

Include information about your education, certifications, and interests. They can make a difference when used appropriately because they give an excellent indication of your personality.

To adapt your CV, for instance, if you’re applying for the position of account manager, highlight your interpersonal skills, negotiating skills, and loyalty-building abilities. Include information about your proficiency in a second language, your love of responsibility, and your considerable portfolio management expertise.


2. Adopt an appropriate vocabulary

To capture their attention, you must communicate in their language. The best course of action is to carefully study the job offer, note the relevant phrases, and determine the company’s industry of operation and adapt your CV to the job offer. Integrate the relevant wording into your resume based on this effort.

Due to the widespread use of computerized application sorting tools by recruiters today, this stage is even more crucial (or ATS, Applicant Tracking Systems). These programs examine the resumes to keep just those that include the correct keywords and are configured according to the position to be filled. Avoid using acronyms, be specific in your phrases, and don’t be afraid to mix up your word choice to expand the semantic range to adapt your CV. Indicate the precise position name in the CV’s title.


3. Provide quantified results

Numbers and thorough reports appeal to recruiters. Use detailed examples to support your experiences when describing them to adapt your CV. These performance indicators may include the number of guests at an event that is arranged, the number of projects that are managed, the number of files that are handled, etc. depending on the position.

These outcomes offer verifiable evidence of your abilities and greatly aid in differentiating you from other applicants.


4. Align with the company’s values

Each business has its own set of ideals and need you to adapt your CV to apply for it. Align yourself with the culture to increase your chances of being recognized. Is competitiveness the main focus? Use powerful verbs to adapt your CV like “empower,” “persuade,” and “optimize” to highlight your accomplishments. Use phrases like “guide,” “coach,” or “encourage” if encouraging teamwork is a core value. Use terms like “explore,” “create,” or “personalize” if the business promotes creativity.

Be strategic when tailoring your résumé. Draw attention to your industry knowledge and analytical prowess. When evaluating your application, the hiring manager must recognize within a few seconds that you possess the history, abilities, and innovative ideas that the organization needs, and you can only doing if you adapt your CV.


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