Are Cover Letters Necessary in 2022?

Are Cover Letters Necessary in 2022?

Is a cover letter necessary?” is a question that applicants often ask. Applying for a job can be unnerving; your evaluation must be effectively impressive. What should you include in your applications? So much has changed over the year regarding the requirements for job applications. These dynamics are attributed to rapid technological advancements. In addition, the pandemic has dramatically impacted the hiring process, with some people now working from home.

Other than the essential documents such as identity information and proof of your eligibility to work, you may be required to send your Curriculum Vitae (CV) and cover letter. This is to inform the hiring team or manager of the correspondence of your skillset to the job opportunity. Other firms may only require filling out an application form, while others may be vague on the requirements. Hence, are cover letters necessary in 2022? Read on to find out.

What is a cover letter ?

This is a one-page document that serves as your introduction to the interviewer. It may sound like a stretch as you may wonder; is a cover letter necessary, yet your CV or Resume has your details. This letter is more of an opportunity to assist you in selling your application. This is by explaining why you are the ideal contender for the job to the employer. You submit this letter alongside your Resume or CV. To understand the answer to your query, are cover letters necessary? You need to comprehend their importance.

Importance of a cover letter

Why is a cover letter necessary? There is controversy about whether employers read or even require cover letters. This constantly prompts the conversation; are cover letters necessary. However, if you are in dire need of a job, the cover letter is a safer bet as it gives you a chance to:

Demonstrate your motivation for the job

Employers look for proficiency, commitment, and enthusiasm in an employee. Expressing your passion for the job helps build a unique connection that will give you an edge within the vetting process.

Is a cover letter necessary when applying for all types of jobs? Yes. For example, if you are applying for a job at an environmental or wildlife protection organization, you can narrate your projects. Aim to show your love and passion for the course.

Highlight your professional accomplishments

The letter gives you a platform to highlight the specific skills and achievements that give you an edge in the role. This affirms the doubt- is a cover letter necessary. Here, you can show your expertise easily without the employer skimming through a massive pile of information to find that.

Demonstrate your communication skills

The ability of an employee to communicate effectively is vital in any workplace. Your CV alone cannot portray this to the employer. Hence an affirmation; is a cover letter necessary. By presenting an eloquent and relevant cover letter, the hiring manager or employer can see how well you can express yourself.

Provide more relevant information

Unlike your resume or CV, which factors in all your information broadly, the cover letter is meant to be brief and precise. Therefore, it allows you to feed the employer details relevant to the job you are applying for. This is a definite yes to the question-are cover letters necessary? Illuminate how and why selecting you will be incredibly beneficial to them. This is more of a ground for convincing the employer further.

What should a good cover letter entail?

Having leaned towards the answer to: are cover letters necessary, you can engage in the process. Simply writing a cover letter does not automatically help you get employed. You need to stand out from other applicants positively. The critical elements that will higher your chances of a successful cover letter include but are not limited to:

A strong lead (Effective opening):

You need to make a tremendous first impression. Ensure you relevantly spark the interest of the employer. You can begin by using the Power Impact Technique, where you immediately highlight your expertise in the beginning.


Personalize your cover letter such that it also evokes an emotional response


The letter should be short and brief. Moreover, if you are sending digitally, you can send links to your portfolio and other relevant sites.

Easy to understand:

Use simple language to avoid strain from the employer, which is discouraging. In addition, you should ensure you utilize the proper structure that also has your contact information.


Your writing should be convincing in its entirety; failure to which, are cover letters necessary?


This letter should only entail information about how you are qualified for the particular job in question


Aim to genuinely show interest in the organization and express your commitment to the course. It would help if you did research beforehand.


Use industry-relevant keywords to ease the employer’s comprehension due to time limitations.

Common Cover Letters Mistakes

Mistakes in the letter lower your chances of getting a job. When people fail to land one, they begin to ask themselves, are cover letters necessary? These mistakes include;

  • Sending a generic/cliché letter
  • Using a weak opening statement
  • Focusing more on information about yourself rather than what you can do for the firm/company
  • Giving too much irrelevant information
  • Overpraising and expressing your love for the organization or company
  • Mentioning mishaps in your previous job, e.g., why you quit, or you were fired
  • Using trite phrases to describe yourself instead of relevant examples
  • Typing errors


Writing a cover letter may not be a walk in the park. This makes it even harder with the contrasting opinions on how the employer will probably trash them. Some employers do so as they also question are cover letters necessary? However, it is worth noting that there are a significant number of recruiters that appreciate a well-devised cover letter. This letter plays an essential role in determining between equally eligible candidates.

Is a cover letter necessary? If you are undecided about submitting it, note that the worst that can transpire if you do so is that the employer does not check it. On the other hand, if accepted, it gives you an edge over others by helping you demonstrate your prowess better. When writing a cover letter, it would be best for your effort to ensure its perfection.

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