A woman is a description of power, strength, persistence, and tenacity, a creature who believes in no hurdle, and no boundary stronger than her determination to achieve whatever she wants even later in life. best careers for women

« Woman » is a word that has marked its place in many fields and domains, because ladies all over the world have understood that the only barrier or limitation to realizing their dreams is… their dreams themselves!

Ursula Burns is a real example of that. She is one of many women who have shown other ladies and minorities how to take the courage, push themselves, overcome their fears and take the risk to achieve their dreams no matter how big they are.

Burns is a lady who was raised in a low-income housing project on Manhattan’s lower east side. A lady who was discouraged by many people because she was black, a girl, and poor, but she believed in herself and fought until she became an inspiring leader, listed by Forbes on their list of “Power women”. This lady occupied powerful jobs for women, she is the first among black women who became a CEO of XEROX, a Fortune 500 company, and the first to succeed another as a head of a Fortune 500 company. She is an American businesswoman, a member of the board of directors of UBER, she was the chair and CEO of VEON, and the senior advisor to TENEO.

So if you are a woman, and for several reasons, you may feel lost and confused about the career or the job that you can exercise depending on your specific requirements, especially after a year like 2020, and the aftermath of the covid-19 pandemic.

Career ideas for women:

So to help you get rid of your confusion, this article has curated for you a list of the 8 best jobs for women in 2022.

Entrepreneurship career

Entrepreneurship is about 3 principal things:

  • Taking calculated risks
  • Multitasking
  • Understanding people and guiding them 

Besides the fact that women are more empathetic and so that can sometimes be wrongly described as emotional, researchers have also proved that it’s not a myth-Women are way better than men when it comes to multitasking, moreover, they also shattered the myth of women being avers to risks and hesitating while making big decisions. So we can say that women are naturally gifted in the 3 bases of entrepreneurship.

Women today are not shying away from setting up large industries or from being at the top as chairperson or CEO of a company, they are literally present in every conceivable sector, from setting up a small business to set up an IT company and an innovative start-up.


Entrepreneurs in the United States make an average salary of $74 224 per year.


Pharmacists’ role is to manage and dispense medications to patients who have received a prescription from their doctors, they also offer advice on medication usage.

Women have gained ground in the pharmacy profession where the pay is good, that they don’t have to worry about the money. Also, it’s a very flexible profession compared to other jobs, it let them be so free in their off-hours, to parent, sleep, travel, pursue hobbies, etc, and for these qualities and more, the job of a pharmacist is qualified as one of the best jobs for women.


The average starting salary for a pharmacist:

  • Entry-level positions start at 81 953 $ / year
  • Most experienced workers make up to 120 045 $ / year

Software developer

A software developer designs and tests computer software, he does everything from analyzing users’ needs to designing applications and helping write code to improve existing software. 

This field is ranked at No.1 on the US News & World report’s list of the 100 best jobs, and is projected to grow more quickly in the next few years, and that makes it one of the best careers for women.

Besides being a fast-growing field with a lot of career potential and a flexible job, software development is also a field you can get into it without a college degree, a profession you can fit into your life and where you can be as creative as you want to be.


Software developers made a median salary of 110 000$ / year in 2022.


The lawyer profession is another example of the best careers of women. Lawyers represent individual clients, non-profits, businesses, or government organizations on legal issues or in legal disputes. 

Attorneys are everywhere because wherever there are laws to follow, there are lawyers.


Female attorneys earn a median annual income of 91 624$.


A chief executive’s role completely depends on the organization, but he generally plans, coordinates, and oversees a company’s operation.

A CEO is essentially responsible for the success of his company, which requires long hours of work. But he also earns the highest salary of all management positions.


The average chief executive officer salary is 155843$ / year. 

Human resources manager

In our list of best careers for women, there is Human resources management, one of the rapidly developing career options for women who have a penchant for working in corporate jobs and have the ability to help people solve their issues and problems.

Hr managers coordinate and oversee administrative functions such as payroll and employee training. They are responsible for: 

  • Shortlisting and interviewing candidates
  • Hiring and training the candidates
  • Designing appraisal systems, benefits, and perks
  • Formulating policies and leaving structures
  • Looking after employee welfare and settle disputes


The average salary for an HR manager job is 81 481$ / year.

Civil engineer

Civil engineering is one of the best paid worldwide, but sadly it was always dominated by men. Nowadays, things changed, and many big companies started looking for women engineers to recruit. Which makes it among the best careers for women in 2022.

Civil engineers are researchers, innovators, designers, and operators. Their role is to create and averse infrastructure projects such as bridges, buildings, roads, tunnels, and water supply systems.


The average salary for a civil engineer is 83 202$ / year. 

Computer and information systems manager

Among the best careers for women, we find also the job of computer and information system manager. Also known as an information technology manager, he is essentially the manager of the IT department, he devises, coordinates, implements, and analyzes computers. He stays current on cutting-edge technology, recommends updates, and pitches his ideas and solution to top executives.

Responsibilities of computer and information system managers may involve direct work in both software and hardware. Likewise web design database development, as well as the overreaching job of designing a company’s IT approaches and strategies.


Female IT managers earn a median annual income of 89 804$

This article is an ode to what women can become and have become.

If you’re a talented, and highly motivated woman, know that you have an excellent chance of landing your dream job and shattering the glass ceiling, because today we no more believe in the idea that there are jobs for men and others for women, in the 21st century, all women are equal to men and there is absolutely no ground for any discrimination, there is no stopping for today’s women.

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