Best tips to nail your video interview and get that job

The corporate world has shifted rapidly since the outbreak of the pandemic. The world is slowly going back to normal with the increasing vaccination rate around the world so more human contact is allowed. But still, a lot of companies found comfort in the remote mode of working and are planning to adopt it on the long run. Hence the switch to video interviews instead of the classic face to face ones.

Facetime interviews were always considered the exception of the rule. Almost none of the older generations of candidates had been taught in school or college how to prepare for a video interview.

Good thing our blog exist! Continue reading while we share with you pieces of advice you could make use of, and the best tips to nail your video interview and land that job.

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Set a professional space.

For classic face to face job interviews the only appearance you had to worry about was yours. But now, how you dress and how you behave yourself are not the sole things you must take care of. While preparing for a video interview you also have to declutter your space and find the right spot where you will be putting your computer.

Tips on how to set a professional spot for your online interview:

  • Choose a neutral colored wall or a minimalistic background. Let the main focus be on you and minimize visual distractions.
  • Stay in a quiet room away from any type of noise (roaring cars, loud neighbours,…etc.)
  • In case you don’t live alone, inform your family or flatmates you have a video job interview scheduled. You can ask them nicely to keep silent and not break into your space while being on-call. And if necessary, lock the door.
  • Put your computer on a tall surface. High enough for the camera to be facing you at eye-level.
  • Make sure the room has good lighting. If the natural sun lighting does not reach enough, try a little portable ring-light or simply put a white light lamp next to your computer.

Dress accordignly.

This one is very obvious. After finding the right spot and setting it up appropriately. The next best tips to nail your video interview and give a great first impression is to take care of your attire.

Dressing up for an online job interview is less stressful than having to dress up for a real meet-up one since the computer camera will only be showing your upper body.

A business casual, minimalistic shirt and a neat hair style is the optimal fit choice. You obviously do not want to show up to your facetime interview with a stained pyjama shirt or a bedroom robe.

While preparing for a video job interview prevent potential technical bugs.

Techinals bugs and accidental computer breakdowns are unpredictable and out of your control. But they could be misinterpreted by your recruiter(s). To avoid any disturbance and additional stress, here is a guide to a technical check:

  • Charge your device 100% and keep it plugged. Or at least keep the charger near just in case.
  • Make sure you download the video-calling apps or software you will be using. Also, set up an account and check you have a professional username.
  • Ensure you dispose of a good internet source.
  • Test your camera and microphone.
  • Have a back-up device if you are able to provide one.

Remember that all of this should be prepared a night ahead of the actual video interview. So that in case of a problem, you won’t be going around stressing 1 hour or 2 before the online interview.

Prepare for the classic job interview questions.

For this part prepare as you would for a classic job interview. The modes of job interviews may differ but the content and the technicalities are the same.

Get your resume out, practice on how you are going to list and talk about your skills and choose how you will talk about previous job experiences if there were any.

Prepare also for potential interview questions and make a list of questions you could ask the recruiter by the end of the interview. All of It depends on the type of the job and company you applied for.

Try a mock interview.

On the list of best tips to nail your video interview we have practice!

A mock interview is basically an online interview with a bunch of strangers. It is a sort of a simulation of an actual job interview. It helps candidates practice for an interview and receive feedback and advice on how to improve their interview skills.

There are several free platforms that offer this service. And if you feel uncomfortable reaching out to a stranger, practice with a friend or a family member. Practicing reduces anxiety and helps familiarize you with the interview atmosphere. It is less likely you would mess up if you use this technique.

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