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Big Data Engineer

The rise of big data has led to the birth of many new professions. To collect, analyze, and leverage data to drive growth and drive strategies, companies in all sectors need skilled professionals. Among the profiles that can accomplish these tasks, the Big Data professions, is the Big Data engineer . In the age of big data, a Data Expert engineer remains highly sought after in companies in all sectors. Without it, analyzing and exploiting data is just impossible.

According to recent surveys, in San Francisco alone, and especially around Silicon Valley, there were 6,400 jobs Big Data engineer in 2019. Although the number of Data engineers has increased in recent years, digital leaders still face a significant talent shortage.

Sabiss has taken care to bring together for you on this page the best job opportunities of Big Data engineer in fixed or temporary contracts, internship... and this, distributed throughout the world, both in Africa and the Middle East, as well as in France, Europe, Asia, Canada, the United States, etc. Sabiss thus groups the offers available abroad on one platform.

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Big Data Engineer, a talent increasingly sought from everywhere!

Big Data jobs are becoming more plentiful. Companies across all industries are now looking to leverage the data they have to drive their strategy and development. As these trades are relatively new, demand far exceeds the number of qualified experts.

As a reminder, the term "big data" refers to large data sets that can be collected from various sources such as connected objects, social networks, e-commerce websites. Thanks to the growth of the latter and the Internet, it is now possible, for both large companies and SMEs, to aggregate data on their customers, on the market, or even on competition, by analyzing this data. However, these data are not structured and cannot be analyzed by traditional software tools. As a result, Big Data has given birth to many new professions: Data Engineer , Data Miner, Data Analyst, Chief Data Officer, Data Architect, Data Scientist ... experts who are able to collect, organize, process, and transform data into actionable information.


On Sabiss, a better career as a Big Data engineer awaits you!

If you are looking for Big Data engineer jobs , we will help you find it. With hundreds of offers on the territory and worldwide, we are your first step towards your ideal job! Sabiss is the specialized job site for executives and professionals from the Middle East region and the African continent looking for new challenges.

If you have a solid computer developer skills and are proficient in several computer languages, if you are familiar with databases, if you also use NoSQL solutions, or tools such as Cassandra HIVE, CouchDB and HBase, if the Big Data technologies such as Hadoop, MapReduce and Streaming are also part of your palette... don’t wait any longer and apply for one of our Big Data engineer jobs offers!

Companies and recruiters, if you are looking for the best candidates in Data engineering, Sabiss is an incredible source for talent from Africa and the Middle East and serves the region’s largest employers and recruitment agencies, but also internationally. As described in the previous paragraphs, Big Data engineer is among the most sought after experts with the advent of connected objects or open data. The data science and big data professions are among the most in need today. Sabiss then gives you the opportunity to find the best talents that will meet all your job expectations, so that you can find the ideal candidate profile for your vacant Big Data Engineer position!