Bilingual jobs: The 8 sectors that recruit for bilingual positions

A solid command of one or more foreign languages is an unquestionable plus for a career that will help you get bilingual jobs opportunities, especially in specific industries where international business is more open than in others. Some are evident, while others aren’t.

Being bilingual is a valuable advantage that can lead to many opportunities, particularly in the working sector! Whether you grew up in an English-speaking country, studied abroad for a year, or studied Shakespeare’s language as part of your degree, you may put your language talents to get bilingual jobs in businesses that respect them the most. This article will give you some job options where your bilingualism will be highly useful.



The tourism industry continues to be the first to offer bilingual jobs, trilingual or multilingual workers. Perfect command of languages, as well as degrees ranging from Bac +2 (BTS Tourism) to +5 (Master’s degree in tourism, business school…), is required to entice the enterprises involved and welcome the 74 million foreign guests who visit France each year. There are various options in a field that remains one of France’s most important job sectors, such as guide-interpreter, tour leader, sales consultant, product manager, or yield manager bilingual jobs.


Hotel & Catering:

In this sector of work close to tourism, foreign customers flock. Your fluency in English will be particularly welcomed by English-speaking customers, as well as by your employer to offer you more bilingual jobs. Depending on your desires, your qualifications, and your temperament, you could work as a barman/barmaid, waiter/waitress, barista, or even aim for a job as a manager of an establishment!


Logistics industry:

People who are fluent in multiple languages are highly valued in the transportation and logistics industry as well, and they easily find bilingual jobs. When a company in this industry enters a worldwide market, it must enlist the help of employees who are accustomed to speaking in languages other than French. When applying for bilingual jobs as a logistics assistant, for example, it’s common to be required to be multilingual or trilingual, as stated in the job post. The same can be said for buyer or export sales assistant positions.



In this sector, bilinguals are highly valued by recruiters. You will have access to unique opportunities to cover events abroad as a fluent English-speaking journalist. Positions such as reporter-photographer, freelance journalist, and legal journalist, for example, are excellent options for you and there is always open bilingual jobs in this sector.



Translation is also a growing profession with plenty of bilingual jobs opportunities for bilingual and binational professionals. They can use this essential talent as a freelance written translation, or they can work for an international corporation or huge institution (such as the European Union) as a translator-interpreter, which is more centered on the oral. A diploma ranging from Bac +3 to Bac +5 (professional Master’s degree or enrollment in a translation school) is required to enter the field and get bilingual jobs.



Working in import-export, drop-shipping, or industrial will require exceptional English skills. It will let you communicate with international customers and partners, as well as position yourself as a valuable asset to your organization. In bilingual jobs, people can get into the industry by working as a buyer, sales assistants, or logistics assistants.


Education & Teaching:

It is commonly known that the French are less comfortable with foreign languages than other nationalities, particularly the most universal of them all, English. This proficiency is becoming a crucial talent in an increasingly worldwide economic market, and it may be obtained through a growing number of ongoing training programs. Trainers, both male and female, who are independent, attached to training schools, or to major worldwide groupings, are at the helm of these modules. Living in an English-speaking country is the best approach to persuade people and get easily bilingual jobs positions.


Secretary & Receptionist:

The receptionist is also one of the most bilingual jobs in demand. To work in an international firm, you need staff who are fluent in multiple languages, not just executives, but also secretaries and receptionists, who are the first point of contact for foreign clients, whether in person, over the phone, or through the mail.



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