Blue Collar recruitment: How to source the right profiles

We can define Blue-collar jobs as jobs that require manual work generally within industries such as construction, maintenance, or mining.

Examples of Blue-collar jobs:

Unlike white-collar workers, blue-collar workers are known to make less money and to have undergone less education. But the present situation and the predictions for the future are saying otherwise. Blue-collar recruitment is becoming more and more difficult. A 2018 report by Deloitte and The Manufacturing Institute projected that between 2018 and 2028, there could be as many as 2.4 million unfilled manufacturing jobs.

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Job networks and referrals:

If, as an employer, you are finding difficulties with blue-collar recruitment for a certain job vacancy, try asking your existing workers for a little help. Blue-collar employees have a large network. They must still be in contact with some of their previous co-workers from past jobs at manufacturing companies. It is handy to ask them to refer to you a person with the skills you are searching for.

Social media platforms such as LinkedIn and Facebook are a good place to start your blue-collar recruitment journey:

Many reports mention that blue-collar workers are more likely to search for jobs on their smartphones. So a good way to start for your blue-collar recruitment is social media.

There exists a wide range of Facebook Groups for different communities and areas of interest. So find a suitable group to join and post the job offers there. Your potential blue-collar worker might just be behind their phone screen looking for a job opportunity.

LinkedIn is the most commonly used social media platform people look for job opportunities through. If you think that it is restricted to white-collar recruitments only then you are mistaken. It is a greatly efficient way to source for blue-collar profiles.

Promote the good aspects of blue-collar jobs:

Millennials and Gen Z nowadays are all convinced that getting higher education degrees promises them better career opportunities. Blue-collar jobs are said to be baby boomers’ and immigrants’ jobs. But the world is changing and the employment world is too.

The difficulties facing blue-collar recruitment in the long term are only going to get worse. RH marketing is much needed for blue-collar job positions. You should work on promoting the idea that blue-collar jobs also offer opportunities for financial success, personal satisfaction, and career growth.

Make the application process easier:

You are not receiving enough applications for your blue-collar job vacancies is very likely due to the disconnect between potential workers and the job opportunities. Do a little research to know the platforms mostly used by your audience and the best way to reach them. You should also not be too demanding in terms of applications. A simple resume and a face-to-face interview should be enough.

Sounds like a lot of work? The right Job board will fasten the process:

Job boards and employment sites such as Sabiss are the go-to places to look for a job. Using packs and services offered by the latter will make your blue-collar recruitment journey so much easier and shorter.

Sabiss is an international job board operating mostly in the Middle East and Africa region. Our goal is to allow each talent to be discovered. To do so, we have designed a unique job search platform dedicated to talent in the African continent and the Middle East in different countries such as Cameroon, Rabat and Agadir. Through the publication of thousands of job offers and resumes, we connect candidates with recruiters from around the world. Eager to accompany candidates as well as companies, we put in place tools to make your research as effective as possible.

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