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Blue Collar Jobs

Blue collar job offers are booming all over the world. Each nation needs new workers or experienced talents to fuel its workforce. These jobs are mostly physical and manual. This is a classification of employees that contrasts with white collar workers, who are more likely to do office work. There is often no specification in the skill level required: they can be skilled or unskilled.

Blue collars operate in all fields of expertise you can think of:

  • construction, maintenance and manufacturing;
  • food processing and waste management;
  • mining, electricity, farming and recycling.

The term “blue collar” historically refers to the blue denim worn by manual workers in Iowa in the early 20th century. This reduced the appearance of dust or grease that could stain them in the performance of their task. Today, the term has stuck and this type of job opportunity remains in high demand. Every talent from Africa and the Middle East can find a job in this field by browsing the impressive offers on our recruitment platform Sabiss. They are located in all over the world, from small businesses to companies with global reach.

Blue collar jobs in Sabiss, an opening for every talent

Through Sabiss, you can find and apply for the hundreds of blue collar jobs available everywhere in the world. With such a wide range of blue collar jobs to choose from, Sabiss allows you to search according to the criteria that suit you.

To maximize your chances to be contacted by one of the hundreds of employers who use Sabiss for recruitment, you can create an account to submit your resume and complete your profile. This way, you can contact employers directly, write to them and polish your presentation. By creating your resume with our template, you can easily include all relevant details, including your past work experiences, educational background and skills. Collaborators actively looking for African and Middle Eastern talents will then see your application more easily and with more interest.

An advantage of the blue collar field is also that employees are generally paid by the hour, which allows them to earn an income commensurate with their workload and efforts. In addition, many of blue collar jobs do not require any special education. This opens the door to physical skills that are highly valued by employers.

The multitude of job types available on our platform allows you to choose the sector and the offer that meet your expectations.


Employers! With the help of Sabiss, fill in your blue collar job opportunities

As an employer, you too can use the power of Sabiss for recruiting to attract candidates to fill available positions in your company. In the current context of globalization and effervescence in business development, more and more blue collar jobs are available in all sectors. Sabiss is the option to choose to connect with candidates that are looking for blue collar job opportunities. You can use the platform to display the blue collar jobs you are offering to talents from Africa and the Middle East who are eager to start working.

Opening a collaborator account with Sabiss gives you a wide-open door to post the job opportunities related to the blue collar field available within your business. Increase your chances with a detailed description of the tasks to be performed as well as the benefits, the location, the requirement and the salary you offer. Any interested candidate in your offer can then contact you directly or apply. Fill your construction, manufacturing or maintenance job quickly. Accessing the physical skills offered by some of the applicants who are efficient, productive and determined is a huge advantage.

The mission of our platform is to participate in the economic development of all regions of the world by providing blue collar jobs to our employees in search of labor. No matter if you are an experienced worker or not and you are looking for a job as a blue collar, you will find an opportunity with Sabiss. We excel at meeting your every expectation to find the job of your dreams. Start your searches now on our website. Wishing you good luck!