Candidates sourcing: How to attract and acquire the best talents

A big part of the success of a company is due to the qualification and skills of its employees. That is why it is pretty disappointing to not find the right applicants for a job position you have posted as a recruiter. Most applicants do not match the job’s requirements and are highly unqualified. Another option is sourcing candidates. This means looking for the right profiles yourself as a recruiter instead of sitting and waiting for the perfect applicant. However, Candidates sourcing is not an easy job.

So what is the best way to source candidates for a recruiter or a company? And how can we as an international recruitment platform help you with sourcing candidates for your very specific profiles?

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Promote a positive and attractive image of the organization to its current and potential employees.

This strategy is called HR Marketing and it should have a positive impact on recruitment. It makes companies proactive in their candidates’ sourcing. The candidate is now considered a real customer who must be attracted and retained. This is one of the most organic and best ways to source candidates.

An example of HR Marketing is how some companies suggest to their employees to write testimonials on the website or by encouraging them to post corporate information on their own social media profiles.

Planning an open house day is the secret of a successful candidates sourcing.

The purpose of such events is to recruit people for vacant positions inside a company. Sourcing candidates of quality to your organization is not the easiest.

In addition to the people who have the skill set required by the post being rare, the competition is fierce. And it becomes difficult to convince the right candidates to join your company.

An open house is a particularly special way to present your company to potential recruits. It gives them a glimpse into the inside of the company, its culture, and what it is like to work there.

Participate in Job Fairs.

Job Fairs are events generally organized by universities and schools in which recruiters meet job seekers and freshly graduates. Joining a job fair is one answer to the question “how to source candidates?”.

If one or multiple vacant positions in your company call for an entry-level recruit, this is a great and highly effective candidates sourcing method.

Job Fairs enlarge your scope of options and give you some insight into what the job market is like.

Introducing Artificial Intelligence as an innovative candidates sourcing tool.

The world of artificial intelligence is in perpetual growth and development. Moreover, it is of very great use in recruitment.

Artificial intelligence in recruitment makes sourcing candidates a lot easier. One of the most tedious tasks for HR is going through hundreds of profiles to find a few that might match the requirements.

Artificial intelligence can therefore allow the recruiter to save time by setting up an autonomous candidates sourcing system.

LinkedIn is the ultimate sourcing tool.

It is pretty obvious to any recruiter that LinkedIn constitutes the go-to candidates’ sourcing channel. HR managers and executives must all have a presentable and a professional Linked In account.

Taking good care of your online image will not only make you more notorious. It will also attract great connections. Job seekers tend to reach out to HR managers on Linked In personally. The more connections you attract the farther your job offers will reach.

Use Recruitment Platforms and Job Boards.

Job Boards like Sabiss are a great and highly efficient tool to collect resumes and candidates databases. They offer different packs and services personalized according to your company’s needs and type of profiles.

Candidates sourcing through Job Boards is practical due to the wide range of sectors they operate with and have experience sourcing for.

Examples of Sectors and Industries Sabiss sources for:

If you have any difficulties sourcing candidates for your vacant job positions. Do not hesitate to contact Sabiss. We will make sure to link you with the perfect fit.

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