Which career is in demand in south Africa: 10 best jobs

The hunt for ideal profiles is on in all sectors of activity on the African continent. In the world and in Africa in particular, recruitment needs are a function of the region where one is located and the prevailing socio-economic situation. But which careers are in demand in South Africa?

Recruiters are leaning towards both local professionals and those from the diaspora. Among the differentiating criteria, there is the speed of operationalization, and sometimes even the ability to develop proximity with local populations. It should be noted that there has been an evolution in the careers in demand in South Africa in certain areas, particularly in the Maghreb. Due to the lack of training, certain profiles corresponding to what we call new jobs are sometimes very rare, even if the related remuneration can be significant.

There is obviously a new digital career in demand in South Africa, such as big data architect, digital project manager, web and mobile product manager, content manager, chief data officer, SEO consultant, data scientist, etc.

Many companies such as banks, agribusinesses, oil companies, mining companies, are in the digital transition. As a link between multinationals and local cultures, candidates looking for a career in South Africa must often be bilingual (French – English).

On the other hand, the main providers of employment in Africa remain in the activities of working the land and breeding. However, this does not stop the evolution, and the demand for “new” careers in South Africa does not dry up.

The 10 most sought-after careers in South Africa at the moment:


1. Software and web developer

One of the most careers in demand in South Africa is Software and web development. Their job is to develop powerful working tools and secure interfaces for interaction with customers to meet the needs of companies.

2. System and network administrator

He/she is responsible for installing and configuring network and telecom equipment and software, supervising and troubleshooting network and telecom systems and applications. He/she is in charge of setting up and configuring the various company networks, administering networks and systems and ensuring their performance and it is considered also as one of the most careers in demand in South Africa.

3. Systems and database analyst

Develops and manages integrated data management solutions using the software. He/she is responsible for the development and implementation of data management guidelines, procedures, and models.

4. Community Manager career in south Africa

He is in charge of developing and animating communities on the Internet, around a project, a cause, a product, or a brand.

5. Technical and Business Architect

For the success of the company’s business, he/she designs the applications and software for computer systems that will be executed according to the business strategies and known as the most paid career in south Africa.

6. Business Analyst

His/her job consists of analyzing the business needs of a product or a company, modeling the processes for an IT solution that will meet the needs of the clients.

7. Webmaster, SEO

SEO’s mission is to increase its client’s visibility on the various search engines. To achieve this, he identifies competitors and targets, calculates and organizes keywords with the objective of setting up a coherent referencing. As for him, the webmaster is the administrator of the site and the creation of contents, being able to also manage an editorial team.

8. Purchasing Manager

Purchases in very large quantities the products intended for distribution in the points of sale. He/she negotiates prices with suppliers and also ensures the quality of the products. His various suppliers are both national and foreign.

9. Logistician career in south Africa

An efficient and effective distribution network allows a significant reduction of distribution costs. His job is to manage the transportation of goods from the time of purchase to their arrival on the shelves. In industry, he finds the most efficient and least expensive methods of transporting and storing raw materials, semi-finished and finished products.

10. The department manager

He/she is responsible for all the activities of a department. He/she regulates the work of his/her employees and the sale of products on the shelves. He/she negotiates the prices of goods with suppliers. He/she defines the prices to be displayed on the shelves and the various related promotions.



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