Careers of the future: What are the new jobs of the future?

The question of careers of the future has been a constant question lately, due to the evolution of technologies and new ways of working. As some professions disappear, others emerge or come back to the fore. This is the case for manual jobs, in particular, but also in what we tend to call « the human jobs ». From service to person to convenience professions, from health to craft professions, human-scale careers are reemerging. As an echo to the development of the jobs related to technology and mechanics. Particularly valued by executives, IT and digital marketing, as well as the ecological sector, take a leading place. What are the new jobs of the future?

Public services are great careers of the future:

  • Nurses, caregivers, paramedics…: yes, some jobs seem to be the here to stay. In fact, the increased aging of the population will mechanically generate high labor needs.
  • Doctors specializing in palliative care. You have to be a doctor and a very good psychologist, while knowing a lot of medical techniques. The main mission to this job is to support patients throughout their illness. Andto provide a personalized response to their suffering.
  • Care assistants for elder people: The sector is expected to have been fully staffed for more than a decade. Yet there is a desperate shortage of candidates. The fourth age is an increasingly urgent reality. It is important to accompany the elderly in their daily tasks, while advising them on their pathologies.

Ecology and sustainable development are also not negligible jobs

The health crisis related to Covid-19 has more than ever highlighted the environmental impacts of tourism and agricultural activities. Ocean pollution, greenhouse effect, global warming… environmental and sustainability issues are becoming increasingly sensitive and exposed. The population has a public opinion and is increasingly sensitive to environmental causes. And that’s also the case for young people aged 15-20! How do we create green and sustainable growth? This is a new perspective for the future on which we will no doubt think about…

  • Environmental Quality Manager is a considerable career of the future. The environmental quality manager implements measures related to the quality, safety and environment of the company. Together with his/her management, he/she designs and negotiates the company’s QSE policy. He/she then implements this policy, analyzes the risks, and monitors the actions.
  • Water treatment engineer: Organize, implement, conduct and monitor water treatment projects. This is the main mission of the water treatment engineer. Whether working in the private sector or in the public sector, this professional must ensure that water quality is in compliance with the regulations.
  • Waste Management Advisor. The mission of the waste management advisor is to assist businesses and communities in optimizing their waste management. He/she identifies the rules that the company or community is not following and proposes actions to address them.

IT jobs are among the most in demand jobs of the future:

Technological changes are becoming more and more recurrent. Leading experts agree that we are currently in the second phase of digital development: artificial intelligence. This is a growing sector that is recruiting more and more.

This technological solution, is not only capable of interpreting data. But also of providing solutions in the way of human beings. The best known AIs such as Siri are probably already in your homes helping you on a daily basis. Many people fear this technological development and are scared of being spied on, and lose their jobs to robots.

The emergence of the third phase of the digital transformation will reinforce this concern among consumers. Researchers are currently working on virtual human beings, or supergifted humanoid robots. But the digital careers of the future will also be those that require the most advanced expertise. As a result, the number of IT jobs and positions that need to be filled will inevitably increase.

Here are two exemples of IT oriented jobs of that will increase in demand in the future:

  • data scientist: This data specialist is always sought after by companies. Through the research and data extraction, he/she gives value to the data by transforming it into strategic data. It will enable the company to offer new services or products or to optimize existing ones by developing predictive models.
  • Cyber security expert: The mission of the IT security expert is to secure the data used by a company. This mission applies to all web services that the structure uses. It is the company’s responsibility to detect and repair the various security vulnerabilities in the company’s computer system.

Also, already essential for companies today, the digital marketing professions should continue to recruit strongly in the upcoming years. The need for companies to differentiate themselves (cultivate a strong image, unique values and a sustainable philosophy). And to engage the conversation to create customer loyalty. The demand on profiles specialized in inbound marketing will increase (brand content manager, community manager,…). Those are not negligible careers of the future

With time changing and the world evolving, we and our successors need to adapt. That is, acquire the skills and capabilities that are adapted to the new requirements throughout professional life. Employees and job seekers should be flexible and adaptable to the job market. By adapting to any changing work environments, they achieve greater agility. Which is an essential feature of the jobs of the future.

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