Changing careers in the middle of your professional life: How to start over

Unhappy in your current job? Might it be the insufficient salary or the toxic environment, you feel stuck. Or you simply are not feeling like this job is your calling anymore. It is never an easy decision to change your career. The comfort and security of a stagnant position are more settling than the emotional ups and downs you must go through while changing careers.

Changing careers in the middle of your professional life needs a lot of planning. You are leaving your job to seek better opportunities and broaden your professional experience. And you don’t want to feel stuck in the scope of another ten years.

We suggest you continue reading to discover our advice on how to change careers successfully.

Changing your career needs a strategic plan.

Before you take any step, get a notebook and a pen out. Write down all the skills and values you have gained throughout years of your education and job experience.

There are two types of career changing decisions: the one where you already know what you will be pursuing next and the one where you have no idea what you are doing.

In the first case scenario, think about how your current skills will help you get introduced to the field or job you want to switch to. And work on that. What you should do next is lay all the skills you need to develop but do not have yet and set a plan on how to get there. Whether it is by starting schooling again, an online course, or training.

But what if you are not sure what you want to do? Your dream job is not simply going to manifest itself out overnight. You may never figure it out and that’s okay. What you do need for a successful career change is to upgrade to something that aligns with your values and is compatible with your skills.

Get that notebook out again and cite all the professions or fields that are susceptible to get your liking. Then go on by shortlisting them according to your current skills and the ones that are less complicated to develop.

Don’t rush it.

Take your time to navigate your options, study the job market, and calculate the risks of leaving your current job for the unknown. Do not decide anything out of the anger you are holding for the job you are unhappy about. Change your career wisely.


Now that we covered the thinking and planning part of changing careers. It’s time to get to the action. What do you know about networking? It is the best way to get real perspective and insight on professional matters. Seek help from people who have been through the same path and ask about their experience. Get to know people working in the field you are planning to enter and make good use of what they tell you. Having a strong network will help you not get lost throughout your journey of changing your career.

Remember that this is not about the job mainly. It’s about your life and what you wake up every morning for. It’s for the sake of your mental well-being and health. If you feel stuck in a job it is never too late to change your career. It is hard indeed but not possible.

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