Common resume lies and why you should avoid them

No matter how many stories you’ve heard about people who have lied on their resume and still got the job, don’t be fooled into taking it too far with lying on your own CV while on a job hunt. Even if the desperation that follows recurrent unsuccessful job applications could urge such acts. Lying on your resume may trick you into being a good idea while it could, on the contrary, only cause you trouble.

Continue reading to learn about the most common lies applicants mention on their resumes, the reasons why lying on your CV does you more harm than good, and few tips on how to avoid that and make your application stand out with the utmost authenticity!

The most commonly used resume lies:

If you lie about your skillset or any other section of your CV, the chances you will get caught are high. Recruiters have a nose for these things. In fact, they are more familiar with resume lies than you would expect.

Here are examples of the biggest and common resume lies we advise you to avoid on your job applications:

  • Lying about your major: Some applicants think that mentioning a different major than the one they actually graduated with is the equivalent of customizing their job application. This is absolutely wrong. For you can customize your resume by showcasing how your degree in whatever major will help you add value to the job.
  • Extending job durations: This is one of the most commonly used lies. Usually to avoid the inquiry to explain the gaps on your resume. But keep in mind that recruiters can easily check your credentials and find out about the lies on your CV. This could put off the recruiter and ruin your chances of making it to the interview.
  • Boasting your skills: Having taken an online course on a specific skill does not make you an expert on the matter. You will eventually be asked to demonstrate those, and how embarrassing it is to ignore how-to! It is okay to mention you have basic knowledge of a topic. You can latterly show enthusiasm towards wanting to learn more.

Why you should absolutely avoid lying on your CV:

The simplest and shortest answer is: you are likely to get caught! Let’s say you did get the job and a while later, your employer finds out that you lied about a certain skill. They could go as far as firing you which they have all the right to do. Yes, certain lies, if big enough, can really make you have second thoughts about someone. From an employer’s point of view, lying is a fraud. If you will lie to them, why wouldn’t you lie to customers?

Trust is one of the main compounds of a healthy employer-employee relationship. Once broken, it is hard to reconstruct. By stating common resume lies you are not only putting your instant chance of being hired at risk. You are also jeopardizing future opportunities for yourself. You will always be known as a fraud and nobody would recommend you or speak highly of you again.

Think twice before lying on your resume!

How to avoid lying on an application and still attract employers:

If you are so determined on getting your dream job there are many other approaches rather than using the common resume lies in your application.

  • Show enthusiasm and passion: Nothing is more mature in the eyes of a recruiter than being 100% honest. Admitting your flaws, and demonstrating your will to learn and improve. It shows you are fit for responsibility posts and could be trusted!
  • Take a little longer on your job search: An unsuccessful job hunt may be a sign of your dream job being a few applications away! Do not lose hope and keep looking for jobs that fit your skillset and experience. Learn from your mistakes and move ahead!

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  • Polish your resume: Use correct language to describe what you have achieved and present the experience you do have authentically and ethically. This is a lot better than simply making up a career history you will be held accountable to demonstrate.

Last but not least, if you do lie on your CV, don’t overdo it! Do your research and stand up for it!

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