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Engineering job

Whether in aeronautics, chemistry, business, IT, physics, environment, civil engineering... there are many engineering jobs for each sector of activity. The main function of an engineer is to create or optimize products of all kinds. An engineering job therefore has a key role in the manufacturing process of a vehicle, electrical device, computer software or any other object that can be used in our daily lives. The engineer can work in R&D, maintenance and quality assurance. Engineers are among the most sought-after specialists, particularly internationally. The labor market is currently very favorable for engineers. Even in some countries, there are more offers than requests.

Sabiss offers you various engineering job offers with temporary of fixed contracts. Apply easily through our site by contacting recruiters directly. A job site dedicated to African and Middle Eastern talent, employment has been our core business for many years. We connect candidates and recruiters through the distribution of job offers, internships, the filing and online consultation of CVs. Career management experts, we are committed to giving you all the keys to success! So if you are looking for your next opportunity for engineering jobs , you can find it among our wide selection of engineer job offer .

Are you an engineer? Take part in the technological projects of our time with our engineering job offers!

Do you want to join a dynamic, caring and agile company, group or team that will help you develop both professionally and personally? Do you like challenges and want to participate in large scale projects? Want to work internationally, share your vision and discover new environments? You will certainly find your happiness through an engineer job offer that you will find among the wide selection offered on Sabiss.

As an engineer, our working environment is varied, we can work in industrial enterprises as well as in the service of the State, in companies as in associations, etc. Being happy is also a professional ambition, which can be realized by a new and more fulfilling job, in harmony with our personal expectations. The quest for happiness is through meaningful work, which is why Sabiss puts all its services at your disposal to offer you a selection of the best engineering job offers .

The research carried out by “refinement” on Sabiss allows you to target the engineer job offer that will meet your expectations. To respond to an offer, you can submit your application online 7 days a week and 24 hours a day. Furthermore, Sabiss offers the creation of an e-mail alert by simple click. All applicants can enter only their email address in order to receive targeted offers from their current search(s). This feature is extremely simplified and allows you to register without having to fill out a long form. This functionality can be extended to sending specialized news in the engineering sector.

You're talented, and we're convinced of that! So make yourself noticeable through Sabiss, apply to the engineering job offer that correspond to you, but also stay informed of the latest trends in the market, find our tips to better live your job (and look elsewhere!).


A vacant engineering job? Post your ad on Sabiss to recruit the right candidate!

Whether you are looking for the ideal candidate for the position of Cyber Security Engineer, Telecommunication Engineer, Home Engineer, Electronic Engineer, QA Engineer, Data Scientist, Front End Developer, Back End Developer, Full-stack Developer... you can easily publish an engineer job offer on Sabiss, we will accompany you in the phase recruitment and our site will allow you to highlight the best profiles!

Recruiting the right person today requires great agility with the right tools to “chase” the right person at the right place, insiders will say! What we propose to you through our site is to enter the world of E-recruitment in accelerated mode, a powerful concept that allows you to let technology bring to you the right candidate profiles in H24 and 7 days a week, continuously!

To publish your engineering job offer , simply create an account that will allow you to identify yourself on the site and to be able to post offers afterwards. Once your account is created, you will be able to post your listings online: job title, type of contract (fixed, temporary, internship...), skills and experience required, etc. Once all the information is complete, you can post your job offer on our jobboard.