How to Create a Powerful LinkedIn Profile: Tips for job seekers


It is crucial for a brand to assert a strong online presence for its marketing strategy to be fruitful. A lot of time and investments go into the process in order to attract, generate and convert leads to prospects. And as a job seeker, you are as well looking to attract employers and land a good job. Hence the necessity of building a personal brand through a powerful LinkedIn profile. What should a good LinkedIn profile look like? And how to create a powerful Linkedin profile? That’s what we will be discussing further through the article.

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1. Pick the right profile picture


Your profile picture is the highlight of your profile. It is the first thing that pops up next to your name in search results. Which means other users’ first impression is determined by your profile picture before checking further information in your profile.

The following is a set of tips on how to choose a profile picture for your powerful LinkedIn profile:

  • Avoid selfies and beauty filters. It’s unprofessional!
  • Smile with your eyes. It gives you an impression of friendliness.
  • Wear a work outfit and make sure your facial features are recognizable.


2. Add a relevant background photo


Your background photo should complement your profile picture. Make sure it translates your interests and is relevant to your activity. You can customize it to your liking. The right background photo will help your LinkedIn profile stand out visually.


3. A good LinkedIn profile rests on a catchy headline


The headline field is an important element to take care of in order to make your LinkedIn profile stand out. Go creative a little with your profile’s headline. It is usually used by users to describe their job titles. You can do more than just that by saying a little more about yourself, your interests, and what differentiates you from your fellow users.


4. Write a complete and interesting summary


Your LinkedIn profile cannot be judged as complete without a summary. The summary should include your academic background, your professional experience, what you master in terms of skills, and finally what drives you and motivates you to deliver the work you are expected to deliver.

Use some storytelling and copywriting skills to increase your personal brand’s awareness and persuade employers to take interest in your profile. A powerful LinkedIn profile should provide not only a glimpse but a full insight of who you are.

5. Include your skills and take skills assessments


There is a field in the app where you can join in your skills one by one and in detail. List your skills relevant to what your specialty and industry are. To complement this, take assessment quizzes. These will help you provide proof of the skills listed before them. Moreover, you are given a Verified Skills Badge that will grab the employer’s attention and make your personal brand more notorious.


6. Grow your network


Learning how to create a powerful LinkedIn profile is also learning who to add as connections and build a steady network. Your network should include experts in your field and professionals whose content will be of use to you. In addition to people you know from university, former colleagues and bosses, and overall people you’ve gotten to know in a professional context.


7. What should a good LinkedIn profile look like: Certainly not with an empty recommendation section


Recommendations are hand-written and customized testimonials from former colleagues or bosses that confirm your skill-set. Do not hesitate to ask for recommendations or to exchange them with people you have previously worked with. However, do not exchange recommendations with friends or family randomly just to boost your profile. It will be very obvious and will be looked at negatively.


8. A powerful LinkedIn profile is updated and active


You did not create a complete LinkedIn profile for it to become a ghost profile. Unless you keep updating it and interacting with your network on a regular basis, all the time and work precedently invested in your profile will prove to be useless.

Share relevant posts, create content, leave comments and stay present. Do not forget to regularly check your account and get notified on any news, job opportunities, or connection requests.


9. Show enthusiasm and be your authentic self


Branding yourself to attract employers and land great job opportunities is very important. But don’t go overboard with it. Showcase the right amount of enthusiasm all by staying true to yourself. Lying about skills and over-boosting your personal brand in the majority of cases could be sensed by other professionals. Which is not good for your image. You could come off by pretentious and empty-headed.

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