How to find a freelancer that can replace a permanent employee

As your business grow, so does your need for professional, capable staff members. Unfortunately, you can’t always afford, nor find the perfect candidate for the job. This is where freelancing can help. Working with freelancers offers the benefits of working with experienced, talented people on specific projects, without having to invest in them on the long term as employees.  Especially during the actual circumstances where most people are working remotely, finding freelancers has gotten easier. You now have more options to choose from. But working with freelancers is different than working with permanent employees. It takes a different approach to find a freelancer, as well as to work with one. Here are a few tips on how to find, manage, and work with a freelancer.

Where to find a freelancer?

Tanks to modern day technology, finding a freelancer is easy and can be done anytime. You can find three different online methods to find a freelancer:

Job boards:

A popular tool for permanent jobs, it also serves to find freelancers with the exact skill set that you need. The advantage to using a job board is that you get to compare between different profiles and get guidance in choosing what will best suit you. At sabiss, we offer our new clients 40 CVs carefully curated and screened via our database to fit their needs.

Social media:

Some freelancers make a name for themselves on social media as a way of actively attracting more clients. Unlike job boards, the freelancer does more work to sell his “brand” and ultimately get hired. To keep up with this form of promotion, we make sure to include 4 job offer posts on instagram, Facebook, and LinkdIn to our clients. This way, you will be sure to find a freelancer that respects both your budget and your skills requirements.

Freelancing platforms:

Possibly the most popular outlet in our short list, freelancing platforms do a great job of helping employers find a freelancer.  An online market place is completely safe, and allows room for establishing a connection with the freelancer. This way, you ensure that you work with only the best, all while personalizing the offer. Among the most famous freelancing platforms there is Fiverr, UpWork, PeoplePerHour, and TaskRabbit.

How to work with a freelancer?

Although freelancers are remarkably more effective, cost-efficient, and flexible, business owners are still reluctant to work with them. This is of course completely understandable. The current work culture dictates that in order for a manager to do his job well, he needs to be in constant contact with his employees.

The organizational culture of most companies revolves around the concept of having everyone at the same place, working for the same goals, and sharing the same work ethics. While freelancing on the other hand, focuses primarily on getting the short term goals done, and working on a project-by-project basis. Due to this difference, most traditional managers feel like there is a lack of trust in dealing with a freelancer. Although this is but a misconception, working with freelancers is different than working with a permanent employee, so you should keep in mind these few tips if you’re looking to find a freelancer to work with.

Synchronization is key when working with freelancers:

A freelancing workforce tends to be distributed. This means that you work with one or several people that happen to be from different parts of the world on the same project, following a particular time frame. In order for this latter to be respected, you must set up a synchronized course of action. Furthermore, you have to update everyone at least on a weekly basis so as to avoid any errors. Interacting with your freelancers regularly via platforms like Trello and Salck is a great way to do so. In addition, you should practice onboarding as well. Even though you find your freelancer, you should take the time to introduce him to the rest of the team. This way, they can get a better understanding of your work process.

Always brief your freelancer about your brand:

As freelancers work on many projects at the same time, it can be hard to separate projects from one another.  If you need to find a freelancer to work with, make sure to mention in your job ad or interview everything about your company that can influence his work. For instance, tell them about the company’s history, its values, the idea behind this particular project, among other details. Depending on the freelancer’s duties, you will have to divulge more about certain aspects of your brand.

Clearly communicate your expectations find a freelancer

Just like all other professional relationships, in order for this transaction to work, both parties will have to express their expectations. Effectively doing so will enable your freelancer to work according to strict guidelines to ensure the best outcomes. You would also save time looking for future freelancers and avoid any disappointments after the project is over.

Make your freelancer feel valued find a freelancer

Every sane humane like being appreciated. Giving positive feedback to your freelancer will add up to a job well done, and create a proper work environment that allows for creative ideas to thrive. Make sure to always follow up with and communicate your opinions appropriately when working with a freelancer.

Final thoughts

Working with freelancers is different and light take some time to get used to. But if done correctly, it can save you money, time, and effort. Taking into consideration the current sanitary restrictions and overall deteriorating conditions, it is advisable to change the way you work. If you are struggling to find a good freelancer to work with, just follow our tips and you will get the hang of it in no time!  

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