How to leave a job on good terms with your company

One could leave a job for several reasons. It is not always the result of a conflict in the workplace. Maybe you have stumbled upon a better opportunity or simply because your job does not feel as fulfilling anymore. However, it is hard to explain to your colleagues and boss and could generate needless tension on your last days. So how do you leave a job on good terms with your company and make it less uncomfortable?

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Inform your company in advance.

If you leave your job the position you were occupying will remain vacant. This translates to more tasks that should be covered by your colleagues until they find a replacement. Informing your company in advance will give them time to recruit a new employee and will spare them the workload and pressure. So if you want to know how to quit your job professionally, giving a long notice is something to make sure of doing.

The best way to quit a job is to tell your manager in person.

As uncomfortable as it may sound, doing it any differently could be interpreted as disrespectful. Write your resignation letter properly and hand it to your manager in person along with a little chat to explain your situation. Leaving as good of an impression as the one you entered the company with is a must. This will help you with references in the future and also prevent hindering your chances of finding other jobs.

Provide the same performance and work at the same pace on your notice period as you would on normal days.

It is very natural that any employee would laze and hang around delivering as little effort as possible during their last days at work. Worst case scenario? They get fired. So what? Aren’t they leaving anyway?

But aren’t we talking here about how to leave a job on good terms with your manager and colleagues? The least you can do for that to happen is to accomplish your job properly and not disrupt the normal pace of work.

Avoid bad-mouthing your manager or colleague before you quit your job.

Again, your coworkers now will be your future references. Maintaining a good image and an amiable relationship will serve you well if you ever need them later. Do not let conflicts make you behave impulsively.

And on your last day:

Your last day is a determining element of whether you had quit your job professionally and on good terms or not. Thank your colleagues and exchange your contact if you haven’t already. Clear your desks from your personal belongings and why not leave a welcome note for your replacement. Be courteous towards everyone and leave a good stamp.

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