How to prepare for zoom interview : 5 Tips to follow

The zoom interview, also known as the video conference interview, does not replace the physical interview. Nevertheless, it is a recruitment process that is becoming more and more widespread. It allows a candidate to be evaluated remotely and in real time. The recruiter obviously saves time without losing the quality of the relationship. And it is not because you are passing it at home that the exercise is easier! Here are the rules to follow before and during to prepare for a zoom interview in order to succeed and also we will give you zoom interview tips!

1. Prepare yourself as you would for a face-to-face interview

The interview allows the recruiter to learn more about the candidate and to better understand his or her profile: skills, competencies, objectives, expectations… So much so, that in case of hesitation between two profiles, it could make the difference. While preparing for a zoom interview, “You need to learn a lot about the company and the position by doing research.It is also important to know more about the person or persons who will be conducting the interview,” advises Estelle Raoul, talent development manager of a recruitment firm.


Many video interviews are done via Skype but not only! Be aware that some recruiters use, for example, Zoom interview, GotoMeeting or tools specific to their company.
The best thing is to receive the invitation with the technical details 24 hours before the scheduled appointment so that you can test the tool! If you have not received the information early enough, send an email to your contact, which means that you want to be prepared and not be stressed.

3. A quiet environment and appropriate attire for the zoom interview

Settle down in a quiet place, where you are sure not to be disturbed. Do you live with a roommate? Be sure to isolate yourself to stay focused. If necessary, set up a specific space for the time of the video interview: the background should be neutral. Is there furniture behind you? This is not a problem, but it must be well arranged! Prefer natural light: the window should be facing you and not behind you, to avoid backlighting. Finally, sit down as if you were working at your desk.

4. Professional in front of the webcam

Don’t forget that you are in an zoom interview! The famous “suit and tie” is not in question because you are at home! On the contrary, the recruiter has an eye for detail with the many candidates he or she meets, and will always pay as much attention to your presentation. During the video interview, also remember to watch your posture and language. You are talking to a recruiter who could become your employer.

5. Show your interest during your zoom interview

Whether face-to-face or remote, the recruiter always conducts the interview. Listen to what they say and answer their questions. Do not remain passive in front of your screen: take notes, ask questions… Make sure that the exchange remains dynamic. “A recruiter who does not connect with the candidate will be able to end the video conference interview more easily than in person. But if he or she is interested, the interview can last,” concludes Estelle Raoul. So don’t necessarily expect to have a shorter interview because you are at a distance.

Of course, after the interview, remember to send a thank-you email to show that you have understood what the position is about and that you are still interested.


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