How To Reach Out to a Recruiter on LinkedIn

 “Searching for a job is hard”. This is a cold, hard truth that many job seekers are or have suffered from. The process is not always fun, and it also can be sometimes downright terrifying. Linkedin

Nowadays, Linkedin as a professional social media has become almost essential for candidates, as a great way to get their names out there. It’s socially accepted to be so direct reaching out to recruiters on LinkedIn because after all, that’s the mission of this platform: Connecting the world’s professionals to make them more productive and successful.

But how to do that right and reach out to recruiters who may receive countless message requests every day from several applicants and still catch their attention.

Well, this is what this article is for, to share with you a few tips, and guidance on how to reach out to a recruiter on LinkedIn, and help you overcome your struggle- hopefully leading to a job offer.

First thing first: Look for the right person to reach

Yes, you have to make sure you have the right person in mind before you can start thinking about how to approach the recruiters on LinkedIn

How to do that? It’s simple, type your industry followed by the word “recruiter”, e.g: “Marketing recruiter”. Then, if you want or you’re interested in a specific region, you can also narrow your LinkedIn search by region to find local recruiters in your area.

P.S: make sure the hiring manager or recruiter hasn’t moved on to a different job or field.

How to get in touch with a recruiter on LinkedIn

Now, after you find the right person to approach, it’s time to send a connection request. But before you press the blue connect button, you have to figure out what to say and put it in a personalized and short message attached to the request. Why is that? Simply put yourself in the position of the other person. If you get a connection request with no message from someone you have never met, would you accept it? Probably not. And this is why adding a message to your connection request is essential. It will give you a much better acceptance rate as you’re reaching out to recruiters or hiring managers on LinkedIn.

What to write on this message to connect with recruiter on LinkedIn?

Start by presenting yourself, or with something personal to catch the recruiter’s attention. It can be about the same college you maybe have gone to, or the mutual connections you have, or anything you both share, it may be an opinion about something, where you both live,… anything you judge is personal!

Send a follow-up message after an accepted connection

If the connection request is accepted. Then, it’s time for a more direct approach, it’s time to send another message to thank them for accepting the request, and go straight to the point, by mentioning what you can do to benefit the company they are hiring for, and showing your interest in the role, also describe your experience, qualifications, and what you’re currently looking for in a few concise sentences. 

P.s: Remember that the message should be short and serve one purpose. And don’t forget to attach your resume, too. 

Stay in touch:

The part of how to reach out to a recruiter on LinkedIn is now done, but what comes after that? What happens afterward? Oftentimes, reaching out to recruiters won’t be enough, or produce results right away. You have to stick with it, keep in touch, and try to have a good relationship with the recruiter, who will start reaching out to you with jobs and opportunities that are a good match. But don’t be obnoxious! Try to simply circle back every couple of months in a friendly way, instead of emailing the recruiter on LinkedIn every week, asking if he or she has anything for you.


Send him a link to an article or news you think would interest him, with a small note as: “I saw this and it directly made me think of you. I hope you’re doing well!”. Gestures like that will help the recruiter remember your name. Which could lead to them thinking of you as a knowledgeable and friendly person.

As a sum-up, sending a message to connect with recruiter on LinkedIn isn’t as scary as it might seem. Just stay friendly and professional through the process, respect the steps mentioned above. And if you don’t get any message response, don’t stop! Try to connect with another person who works in the company you are interested in. This could be a hiring manager, talent leader, hr manager, etc. Just don’t worry about approaching them, it seriously can be the reason you get your new job.

Article: How to reach out to a recruiter on LinkedIn?

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