How to change your career – Where do you start ?

Are you sick with your job? You’ve had it with your job, or you don’t agree with your boss’s values? Do you want to know how to change your career? Changing jobs during your career is doable. The most important thing is to thoroughly prepare your project, whether you want to progress, change your professional setting, or even start a new life. You can avoid making the wrong decision by giving it some consideration and research. How do you determine whether or not to change jobs? Here are some helpful hints.


How to change your career: what are the warning signs?

Take stock of your situation and your career ambitions before deciding to shift employment, and before you start searches about how to change your career. Consider why you believe you need to change careers and try to establish your professional requirements.


✔️ Identify the reasons that make you want to change jobs.

Several circumstances, whether or not related to your firm or current position, may prompt you to contemplate the adventure of how to change your career:

-You are bored or no longer interested in your assignments, and you lack motivation;

-You have the impression that you have done everything you can with your job, and you want something new;

-You do not agree with your company’s values;

-Your job is not recognized, and you suffer as a result, or your workload is too heavy;

-You would like to advance, but internal advancement is not possible;

-You would like to advance, but internal advancement is not possible;

-Job cuts are planned in your company, or your company is in difficulty and you wish to take the lead.

Consider whether your urge to ‘how to change your career’ is motivated by a desire to try something new or by a desire to improve your current position or organization. Employers may not require you to change employment. Alternatively, you could shift jobs within the organization, taking on a different position.


✔️ Define your business needs

Your working situation no longer suits you, thus you want to know how to change your career. Consider what you’re looking for, what you’re missing, and what you’d like to achieve or avoid. Consider your professional needs before deciding whether or not to leave your company:

-Receive additional responsibilities?
-A higher wage?
-Extra leisure time?
-To be granted more independence?
-Less stress?
-A management that is less directive? Or is it stricter?
-Working from home?
-Locate an employer who shares your moral values?
-Adapt, learn new skills?


Want to change jobs, how do you decide?

You know why you want to change jobs and how to change your career, but you’re wondering if it’s a good idea? To make up your mind, secure your approach. Compare your profile and your desires with the professional opportunities you could take advantage of.


✔️ List your professional qualities and skills

To build your new professional project, it is important that you know how to define your skills and professional qualities used in your current position and acquired since the beginning of your career.

Your skills are the things you can do at work (write reports, implement procedures, master a tool, etc.) that will help you to succeed in your ‘how to change your career’ adventure.

Your personality is linked to your qualities (reactive, curious, creative…).

Use concrete facts and list :

-Your technical skills, related to your field of activity;
-Your human skills or soft skills (ability to work in a team, stress management…) ;
-Your qualities to the job (serious, diligent, creative…).

Your experiences may have helped you to acquire cross-cutting, broad abilities that combine technical and management aspects: project management, event planning, management, and so on.


✔️ Assess the fit of your skills with your plan to change jobs.

Are they adequate? Would you need to attend a training to complete your knowledge and skills as part of retraining or evolution? Answer these questions to make it easy for you to find a response to the how to change your career question.


✔️ Check for job offers you could apply for

If you don’t want to stay at your current employer and succeed in your ‘how to change your career’ trip, make sure there’s a market for the position you want.

Go to job boards (such as SABISS) and search using the necessary filters and keywords: position type, sector, geographic area, degree of qualification or income, years of experience…

Check that your job-change strategy is sound, and that you’ll be able to find a position that meets your requirements and qualifications.


How to change your career: prepare your application

Don’t forget to update your CV to give yourself the best opportunity. Its presentation and relevancy to the available roles will be crucial.

When an offer catches your eye, submit your application with caution:

-Adjust the format of your CV to the job description: Emphasize the abilities and attributes that the employer is looking for;

-Write an excellent cover letter: you can explain why you’re changing employment, but the most important thing is to get the recruiter’s attention.


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