I cannot find a job: How to make your job hunting journey easier?

One of the most common concerns among fresh graduates is the inability to get a suitable job after finishing school. Let alone not finding any.

It could be overwhelming to spend all your days hunting for job offers but getting no favorable response.  Or making it to the stage of interviews but not getting any call back.

However, it is no use to panic. If you cannot get a job, here are a few tips to help you improve your applications and increase your chances of being hired.

Fix your resume.

Your resume is the very first element by which recruiters judge your employability. So, it is no surprise that it should be well put together, content and form wise.

Get a creative resume template that speaks to you. There are tons of platforms that offer free resume templates that you can work with. The next step is to fill it with pertinent information. If you cannot get the jobs you are applying for, it could be because you are mentioning skills that do not match the job. One more thing to avoid is making spelling and grammar mistakes. Show your resume to a friend or two. And ask them to proof-read it for you and give you feedback.

Tidy up your LinkedIn profile.

First things first, if you do not have a LinkedIn account go sign up. And if you do have one, it is time to clean up the dust off your profile. With approximatively more than 55 million companies listed on the site and 14 million open job offers, LinkedIn is the very social media platform you need to be networking while on a job search.

Your profile plays the role of your personal brand. So, take good care of its image. There are plenty of ways to customize your LinkedIn profile creatively. Enlarge your network with people of your field.  Stay active by sharing relevant content. And last but not least, write a proper bio and choose the right pictures to introduce people to you.

Customize your cover letter.

There is no better way to show interest for a company or a job position than to customize your cover letter accordingly. If you are unable to get a job, your poorly written cover letter might be one of the reasons. Let us fix that.

Avoid copying and pasting the same paragraphs for all your applications. Get acquainted with the company who offered the job and define your motivations for the job. Moreover, write with a proper vocabulary and match your writing style to the type of job you are applying for.

Attend recruitment events.

Recruitment events are a method of employer branding that some companies use to head hunt for the right applicants. Look up similar events that are coming up close to your geographic position and set the date. This could be your chance.

There is no better way to grow your network and improve your social skills than to attend events and meet people in real.

Even if you cannot find a job opportunity. You would at least have gained some insight which could help you later with your search.

Work on your interview skills.

You followed all the previous tips, but you still cannot get a job. Getting hired is about succeeding the milestones all the way.  You could be the most adequate applicant for a position. But if your poor interview skills come in the way, it all becomes irrelevant.

Have an amiable attitude while meeting the recruiter and do not stress. Easier said than done huh?  

The key to this is practice. Practice with your friends, alone in your room…etc. Consider every failed interview an experience worth learning from. Reflect on the mistakes you have made and find ways to get it right the next time.

Your outdated skills might be the reason why you cannot find a job.

If you think that academically gained knowledge is enough to get you into the corporate world, think twice. Most of the required skills nowadays are not taught in school.

Look up what are the most demanded skills in your field and get better at them. Internet provides a large range of courses. Whether it is free or paid, choose a reliable course, and stick to it. Being self-taught not only makes you more qualified to get certain jobs. It will also show how motivated and eager to learn you are. Use that information wisely during interviews.

Apply for internships instead of getting a job.

Getting a job as a fresh graduate is almost impossible looking at the required years of experience mentioned on every offer. If you cannot find an entry level job, try applying for internships.

Internships are usually less demanding in terms of skills and experience. They can also provide a good environment for young graduates to grow and develop their competencies.

Try a recruitment platform.  

Recruitment platforms or job boards are websites dedicated to employment. Recruiters can propose offers and candidates can apply. Not finding a job might be due to insufficient search. Using a similar service will broaden the horizons of your opportunities.

Check our home page to search all open propositions on the web.

Take a break.

Looking for a job can get emotionally and physically draining. Keep your spirits high and take good care of your mental health during the process. Take a little break and engage in activities that you enjoy. This could help you recharge and come back stronger.  

If you cannot find a job, continue education.

In fact, many graduates opt for continuing school instead of working. If your financial situation permits it, this might be the right step to take. Pursuing additional education will -not only- get you better opportunities, but also higher paying jobs. Investing in extra education will make you better prepared to join the corporate world and build a professional career.

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