Internship Agreement: what is it and how to write it?

You’ve found the perfect internship: the perfect job, in the perfect company, and the perfect industry. Congratulations, your research has paid off! There’s just one more thing to do: the employer is ready to sign the internship agreement. What is it and what is it about?

Some students mistakenly consider this step to be a simple formality. However, if you do not have your internship agreement signed by the company, your school, and yourself on the day your internship begins, you simply cannot do your internship!
To be able to do an internship, you must have an internship agreement. Whether it is mandatory or optional, in Africa, France, or abroad, this document is mandatory.

What is an internship agreement?

It is the internship agreement that specifies the conditions and duration of your work during your internship. Moreover, the agreement is essential for the company and the intern, since it provides for insurance against work-related accidents. All interns must be insured as soon as they leave the company.

What is the purpose of an internship agreement?

First of all, you should know that it is impossible to provide a simple certificate of civil liability or to start up as a self-employed entrepreneur: you cannot do without this internship agreement.

It is not an employment contract as such. But the agreement sets out the responsibilities of each party so that the internship fulfills its purpose. The student undertakes to carry out his or her mission according to the rules, the company undertakes to offer an “educational” internship (and not to fill a permanent position), and the institution undertakes to supervise everything.

In concrete terms, it is a way of checking with the company before starting the internship: mission, hours, internal rules… If the internship lasts more than 2 months, you must receive a monthly allowance or bonus.

It is also essential in terms of insurance: the internship agreement guarantees social security coverage and the risk of work-related accidents. In the event of a dispute, it will be the only reference document.

How long does it take to get my convention ready on time?

It is important to plan well in advance: at least one month before! Find out as early as possible where to pick up your agreement and who the two people are who must sign it (one person in the company, another in your establishment). In order to turn in the agreement on time, be sure to allow time for all the back and forth!

In the end, you must send or hand in your signed internship agreement to the company before your internship begins.

What is the standard internship agreement type?

In concrete terms, the form is free, but it is advisable to include :

  • the contact details of the three parties (trainee, company, and educational institution);
  • the purpose of the internship
  • its framework (nature of the training);
  • its duration (dates);
  • the terms of monitoring and evaluation of the internship;
  • the name of the tutor in the company;
  • the name of the person in charge in the establishment;
  • the amount of any gratuity and benefits in kind;
  • civil liability insurance to cover any damage that the intern may cause;
  • the trainee’s working hours;
  • the provisions of the internal regulations (discipline, safety, movement in the premises, use of equipment, etc.);
  • any element deemed important (for example, confidentiality to be respected).



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