Job in France for foreigners in 2022  – Tips and tricks

To find a job in France for foreigners and to immigrate is a dream and a wish of millions of people in the world. But, the majority do not know where to start. The process to immigrate to France is simple, but not so easy.

You have to make efforts to reach your goal and get a job in France for foreigners. For this reason, we propose in this article to discover the information that we find relevant to boost your efforts to find a job or a work contract to go to France and continue your professional and personal career.

We would like to draw your attention to the fact that the steps that we are going to expose to find a job in France for foreigners are almost fit for all foreign jobseekers: Tunisians, Algerians, Moroccans, Senegalese, Gabonese, Belgians,

The 6 steps to take to get a job in France for foreigners in 2022 are :

-Prepare your job application and get ready.
-Study the job market in France.
-Look for a job in France.
-Find a job and sign a work contract in France.
-Obtain a work visa in France.
-Go to work in France.


1. Get ready by preparing your application.

Unfortunately, this is a stage that many people who want to find a job in France for foreigners overlook. It is, nevertheless, a vital step in increasing your prospects of swiftly obtaining work in France. First and foremost, you must prepare a flawless employment application.

For French recruiters, you must design an appealing CV. To set yourself apart from the competition, you must also compose an outstanding cover letter. You should not forget to organize all your diplomas and certificates in PDF files.

Secondly, you need to prepare for the job interviews. You should read the best tips for successful job interviews in France.

You should also do some psycho-technical recruitment test exercises to succeed in your job in France for foreign adventure.


2. Research the French labor market.

Before you begin looking for work opportunities and jobs in France for foreigners. We recommend that you learn about the working climate in France by visiting:

—The Average French Salary—By Job And Region!
—What Are France’s Highest-Paying Jobs?
—This will give you a better idea of what to expect during your job search.

To work in France, you must look for a job.

There are various ways to look for a job in France for foreigners. We will suggest four options for you to consider:

—Sites for Job Seeking in France
—France’s Staffing Agencies
—France’s Temporary Employment Agencies
—France’s Job Search Engines

This is the traditional approach. You can reach out to the businesses you’re interested in via email or LinkedIn.


4. Finding a job and signing an employment contract in France.

Once you have sent your job applications to French companies or international companies in France. You have to wait for the answers from the French companies.
Then, if a company is interested in your profile, you have to pass one or more job interviews and one or more recruitment tests.

If you are accepted for the job in France for foreigners, you will sign an employment contract with the company. We suggest you discover all the different types of employment contracts in France.


5. Obtaining a work visa in France.

If all goes well and if it is your case, you must obtain a work visa for your job in France for foreigners. A work visa is required for people from African countries (such as Tunisia, Morocco, Algeria, Gabon, Cameroon, Congo, etc.) and South Americans.

This section is divided into two sections.

—The company that wants to hire you must apply for a work permit in France with the French authorities.

—This document (the Work Permit in France) must be included in your application for a work visa in France.


6. Going to work in France.

This is the easiest phase to do. You have to look for accommodation in France and prepare your luggage ;).

Then, you have to take a plane ticket to France and leave to start your job in France for a foreign adventure.



So, in conclusion, to answer the question of how to look for and find a job in France for foreigners, we advise you to combine all the means we mentioned above. In addition, we have focused on the following points, namely :

—Job boards in France.
—Search engines for job offers
—temporary employment agencies in France.
—Recruitment firms in France.
—Official websites of companies.
—And finally, Facebook.

Visit regularly each of the sites of all the job search tools to discover all the news.

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