Job interview: how to dress?

Be neat and tidy!
It goes without saying but it gets better by saying it. Only once will you have the opportunity to make a good first impression. So, it may seem obvious, but you must have a flawless appearance. Whatever your outfit, it must be clean and ironed (folds = negligence). Pay special attention to the condition of your shoes, they are often the first to be sifted by the recruiter. When you get to your interview, you’re going to shake a few hands, so wage war on black nails. Remember that even before he/she listens to you, the recruiter looks at you!

Be simple!
The most important thing during the interview is what you tell the recruiter. So, play the sobriety card. Avoid wearing an outfit with inscriptions or flashy colors. This could distract your interlocutor who will therefore be less attentive to what you are saying to him. Instead opt for a classic outfit (suit / tailor) in dark tones. Similarly, avoid wearing too much jewelry, such as rings, necklaces or so on. Again, the risk is to catch the eye of the recruiter. It is important to highlight the content rather than the style.

Adapt your outfit to the post aimed for.
Not all positions have a clearly defined dress code, however there are trends. For example, employees working in direct contact with customers have a fairly standard dress code. For men: suit/tie. For women: tailor/pumps. In these specific cases, the image that the employee sends back is the image of the company, therefore beware of taste errors! Finally, if the position you are aiming for does not have a specific dress code, find out about the company and try to define the dress trend.


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