Job interview relaxation: 7 techniques to relax before a job interview

In many ways, a job interview is a stressful experience. Even if you are well-prepared, self-assured, and capable… You liquefy on the spot a few minutes before seeing the recruiter on the big day? That’s why job interview relaxation is so important!

Here are 7 practical tips to try to overcome that stage fright that tends to overwhelm you at the wrong time.


1. Listen to soothing or inspiring music.

Music has been shown to have a calming and relaxing impact. Listen to relaxing music to relax or a dynamic track with encouraging lyrics to enhance your confidence, depending on your level of worry. A few dancing movements (but be subtle!) might also help you relax your muscles and relieve stress for the job interview relaxation.

It’s even nicer if you have a favorite playlist. Why? Because of these songs, you’ve already formed a positive attitude response, and your brain is wired to enjoy listening to that playlist. This is a technique employed by top athletes to reach the desired level of relaxation and concentration prior to a major tournament, and it might work as well for the job interview relaxation.


2. Do “The power posing”

Are you familiar with power poses for job interview relaxation? “Power poses” are physical postures that assist us to appear more confident, at ease, and powerful in the eyes of others through nonverbal communication. We usually practice or go through them unconsciously: it’s this well-known “trick” that someone employs to entice or impress us.

The purpose of power posing for a job interview relaxation is to put oneself in a physically dominant position so that you may feel confident. A kind of body language “Coué technique.” For example, before the interview, you can raise your arms to the sky like a champion athlete at the finish line of a race, put your hands on your hips like Wonder Woman, or cross your arms behind your head. It’s not about outsmarting the recruiter; it’s about projecting as much confidence as possible.

According to researcher Amy Cuddy, power poses may have a physiological effect by increasing testosterone and decreasing cortisol (the stress hormone). It can only benefit you, whether it is a placebo effect or not.


3. Seek help from family and friends.

It’s a terrific moment to get genuine compliments on your appearance. It’s a terrific opportunity to remind yourself that you’re outstanding (you are!) and to boost your confidence at a time when you really need it for the job interview relaxation. During the tense 15 minutes before an interview, ask your friends, family, and spouse to offer you a friendly word of encouragement: a “you’re the best” or “you’re going to kill it” will do you a world of good when the stress mounts.


4. Dress to be confident.

Sorry, but you won’t be able to afford to go all out with your attire. In most circumstances, the dress code for a job interview should be formal, with the ultimate goal of fitting in with the company culture while showcasing your own personality.

However, make sure you’re dressed in clothes that make you feel good and confident. If you’re superstitious, this is the moment to wear your lucky socks or tie.

Wearing clothes that make us feel good provides us with a sense of control. Minutes before a job interview, that’s all you need for a job interview relaxation.


5. Control your breathing.

Breathing is a crucial component of stress management! Isn’t it simple? If you’re feeling overwhelmed by the pressure a few minutes before the interview, concentrate on your breathing. Deeply, inhale and exhale slowly and deliberately. Breathing deeply will quickly drop your heart rate and, as a result, your stress level. A simple guideline that is all too often overlooked or ignored…


6. Prepare for a positive reward.

To reduce tension about the job interview relaxation, try playing with your brain once again. After your interview, plan an activity that will make you pleased. As your stress level rises, usually immediately before the interview, focus on this upcoming good event, which will aid in job interview relaxation.

Setting a reward for difficult work can help encourage you, and scheduling a happy event following a stressful event can help you feel less negative as the event approaches. An illusion of control that dramatically lowers your stress levels!


7. Arrive early and walk.

This is not the day to be thinking about routes, delays, and the like because this won’t help you with the job interview relaxation. Plan ahead of time for any unexpected events and arrive early, especially if you are unfamiliar with the area or city where the interview will be held.

You will not only prevent additional stress as a result of a potential delay, but you will also have the option of walking a few steps before entering the company’s premises. Walking is beneficial for circulation, muscle relaxation, and, most importantly, practicing all the techniques you’ve been taught: music, mantras, power postures, breathing… It’s entirely up to you!


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