Job loss coping mechanisms: How to deal with it and start over

You’ve lost your job. You’re on a roller-coaster of emotions. Stuck on the Why-s and What If-s. You’re sad, disappointed and panicking. No matter the circumstances, losing ones job is never a pleasing experience.

However, if you use it well, this could be a profitable situation. It is time to regain your self-confidence and seize the opportunities that are offered to you. Change is scary, but it gives space for growth!

Here are a few tips to help you cope with job loss :

Feeling bad after a job loss is completely normal, give yourself time to process all your emotions.

Nobody is ever prepared for a job loss in advance. Humiliation, misfortune, anger, anxiety…etc. You might feel overwhelmed with a lot of unpleasant emotions striking all at once. It’s okay! Give it time to sink in. Avoiding your feelings will not help if you want to heal and bounce back stronger. Keep in mind that life is a cycle. Endings give place for better things to happen.

Use this time to reconnect with things you never had time for while working full-time.

Whether it is a hobby you never have enough free time to practice or friends and family you’re always too tired and hung up on your job to see. Take advantage of the situation and make time for everything you were missing out on before losing your job. This will also boost your positive energy and get you out of your grieving mode. Remember that you are not defined by your 9am-5pm job. And that there is more to life than just work.

Avoid destructive coping mechanisms!

Keep away from self-destructive behavior like staying in and isolating yourself, sleeping all day, abusing substances…etc. Get up at a reasonable time, meditate, get some fresh air and exercise. Surround yourself with supportive people. Treat your body and mind well is the first step of recovering from a traumatic event such as job loss.

Rebuild yourself for the future and prepare for a solid career project.

Consider that unemployment following losing your job is a privileged time to search and find your rightful place. You have been dismissed from a job, but a better opportunity is probably waiting for you just around the corner.

Strengthen your skill set and build your personnal brand. It’s time to bounce back and start looking for new job opportunities. Broaden your horizons by expanding your network. Reflect on all the mistakes and the experience of your formal job and use it for your advantage. Get yourself out there with confidence and get that next job!

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