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Job Description

Automation Engineer : Remote job offer.

Missions of an automation developer/ engineer: To automate processes by automating robotic processes in all operations of the company.

Main Responsibilities of an automation engineer:

– Automation: Once automation projects are identified and approved, you will ensure timely, accurate and quality delivery of coding and process automation. You will design and automate processes using robotic software automation tools in line with an agreed automation lifecycle and governance model

o Design process automation
o Develop the robot and code the Automation solutions
o Test and debug the solutions
o Perform user acceptance testing together with the process owner
o Develop the Robotic Solutions together with their standard documentation
o Maintain and monitor the processes in the Robotics tools on a continuous basis to ensure the daily operation of the automated processes.
o Monitor and troubleshoot any configuration issues.
o Will ensure compliance with agreed KPI’s and timely handling of all errors, issues and exceptions.

– Governance: You will work within the governance structure and ensure that only approved processes are automated. You will also follow all relevant best practices when automating. You will ensure that all automated processes are well documented.

– Process Maintenance and Change Management: Continually work with process owners to ensure that automated processes are up to date and incorporate process changes. Ensure process changes and alterations are planned, communicated, tested and executed proactively with a strong operational focus. Also ensure processes are updated with changes to internal or external systems.

– Knowledge:You will gain an expert level of knowledge in robotic process automation through hands-on experience and trainings. You will also sit for exams to become an accredited RPA automation developer.

Essential Knowledge:

– Be interested in the connection between IT and process improvement/reengineering.
– Have programming skills in any programming language (preferably .NET or Java) and advanced knowledge of DBMS systems
– Be fluent in Spanish English (Plus).


– Delivery oriented mindset.
– Overall understanding of all project elements (time, quality, budget and risk management)
– Organization and prioritization
– Attention to detail and accuracy
– Well-developed communication skills
– Ability to solve problems
– Teamwork and ability to inspire others
– Ability to integrate easily in a fast-paced, multicultural environment
-Proactive attitude

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