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Job Description

Change Manager : Job Description Monster, Employment, Sabiss

Atos is an international leader in digital transformation with 105,000 employees and annual sales of 11 billion euros.Monster, Employment, Sabiss

Change Manager will be responsible for leading the change management programs. This individual should have a background in conducting structured change efforts in organizations and driving transformational change programmes across multiple areas of the business.Monster, Employment, Sabiss

The Change Manager will be responsible for the following key activities:Monster, Employment, Sabiss

  • Leading the change management activities within a structured process framework.
  • Designing the strategic approach to managing change and support operations that fall within the domain of change management. Indeed, Jobs, Recruitment
  • Evaluating the change impact and organizational readiness to limit potential risk.
  • Supporting training and communication as part of change management. Activities may include designing or delivering specialized training resources to appropriate userbase, as well as constructing all communication mediums required.
  • Integrating change management activities into the project plan.
  • Evaluating the risk of change and providing actionable guidelines on reducing the impact. Indeed, Jobs, Recruitment
  • Evaluating resistance in adopting the change at the user, process, and technology level.
  • Managing the change portfolio, which allows the organization to prepare for and successfully adopt the change.
  • Authorize minor change requests and coordinate with the Change Advisory Board for changes presenting higher risk.
  • Conducting change workshops
  • Conduct post-implementation reviews to assess the decisions and performance related to the change request Indeed, Jobs, Recruitment



  • Preparing for the change Indeed, Jobs, Recruitment
  • Defining the change management strategy
  • Preparing the change management team
  • Developing the change sponsorship model
  • Managing the change
  1. Developing the change management plans including:Indeed, Jobs, Recruitment
  • Stakeholder map
  • Change agent network development plan
  •  Communication plan
  • Knowledge transfer plan
  • Training plan
  1. Implementing the change plans Indeed, Jobs, Recruitment
  • Reinforcing the change Indeed, Jobs, Recruitment
  • Collecting and analysing the feedback
  • Diagnosing the gaps and managing the resistance to the change
  • Implementing corrective action and celebrating successes Indeed, Jobs, Recruitment
  • Designing a post implementation support plan


In essence, the Change Manager needs to create: Indeed, Jobs, Recruitment

  • Awareness of the need for change,Change-Manager-South africa
  • Desire to participate in and support the change and assess stakeholder commitment to change Indeed, Jobs, Recruitment
  • Knowledge on how to change
  • Ability to implement required skills and behaviors
  • Reinforcement to sustain the change Indeed, Jobs, Recruitment

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