IB DP CAS Coordinator

Permanent Enko education posted 3 months ago
Job Description

Key Functions:

  • Help students develop individual CAS programmes inconsistent with students’ interests and programme requirements.
  • Advise students on CAS outcomes and reflections
  • Communicate proactively with Management, parents and community to meet CAS objectives in any particular case.
  • Keep and check logs of times and dates spent on activities every week.
  • Evaluate each activity at the end of the activity and provide regular and frequent feedback to students on their progress.
  • Help foster students’ awareness and appreciation of life outside the academic arena. Enable them to develop: an appreciation of the potential of the human mind and spirit, knowledge, skills and understanding; an awareness of humanitarian issues across the world; a recognition that education imposes lifelong ethical responsibilities; a willingness to inquire and enjoyment of discovery; confidence in their ability to initiate change, both individually and collaboratively; autonomy and self-reliance; an appreciation of their own and others’ talents.
  • Advise/train colleagues on CAS principles.
  • Maintain appropriate standards of behaviour, mutual respect, and safety.
  • Advise or correct students when necessary and actively involves parents in their child’s academic activities and performance. Initiate, facilitate and engage in appropriate communication and interaction between staff, parents, school and community.
  • Reflects critically upon his or her teaching experience, identifies areas for further professional development and takes participation in professional development activities

Required qualifications, skills and personal abilities:

  • Knowledge of the CAS philosophy would be preferable.
  • Enjoy working in a multicultural environment.
  • Easily adaptable, creative, with quick learning skills.
  • Delight in spontaneity and share the interests of youngsters.
  • Excellent communication, interpersonal and coaching skills.
  • Excellent team player.

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