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Permanent ATOS posted 4 months ago
Job Description

ATOS is recruiting a software asset manager in Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa.

Principal Duties and Responsibilities of a Software Asset Manager:
  • Executes the Software Compliance Group-policy.
  • SPoC for the Divisions and supplier for all license relevant topics e.g. manage SW audits, consult the business, clarify license discrepancies, apply global guidance, policies…)
  • Ensures verification of data quality of software license registration (entitlements).  Ensures linkage of assets and the connected obligations to the supplier contracts and the involved profit/cost center
  • Tracks the assignment of licenses and provide transparency of software ownership versus usage.
  • Ensures visibility of all acquired software licenses and the relevant license usage criteria derived from the SW contract.
  • Obtain per contract the usage criteria from Purchasing/Contract owner.
  • Obtains usage data from the business/operations on installed/used software.
  • Through tooling, matches the entitlements with the measured usage of the software and as such verifies software compliance. Deviations are reported and in case of over-usage and under-usage alerts are raised.
  • Align and record usage and needs with involved Profit/Cost Center (Contract owner) on a regular base
  • Optimization of the software portfolio, termination of non-relevant licenses, termination of support agreements for unused licenses.
  • R-use / Redeployment of unused licenses.
  • Transfer of licenses between organizational units.
  • Coordinating the correct recording and handling regarding the end-of-life process (e.g. license return at customer contract termination).
  • Verify potential of volume contracts (consolidation) with procurement.
  • Align with vendor the contractual reporting in a timely and accurate manner.
  • Together with procurement acts as a liaison between the relevant businessstakeholders within Atos and software vendors.
  • This may involve suggesting alternative software than what was requested with similar functionality.
  • Support preparing for the relevant investment committees.
  • Allocates costs to the right profit/cost centersoftware-asset-manager
Qualifications & Skills:
  • 4 Year college degree preferred in Business Information System or related degree.
  • Minimum of 5 years of IT Asset Lifecycle Management experience required.
  • Experience in development of IT Asset Lifecycle Management processes.
  • Knowledge and understanding of current standards for software as published byprocurement and portfolio/towers.
  • Understanding of finance rules for capitalization and depreciation. Basic understanding of leasing contracts and related reporting, IFRS 16, reporting for finance department
  • Understanding of software licensing rules or access to the necessary expertise.
  • Ability to remain up to date with ever changing licensing rules.
  • Understanding of the Asset Management policy, the related processes, andworkflows / working procedures. Ability to transmit that knowledge to other. Excellent understanding of the asset management tool platform.
  • Understanding of the relationship between Asset Management and SACM processes.
  • Proficient in Microsoft Office Suite, Expert level use of Excel in working with multiplelarge data sources to combine for use in problem resolution
  • Fluent in English.
  • Additional of one other language such as French, Turkish, Arabic, Spanish or Portuguese is preferred
  • Remark: GCM level 4 to 6

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