Supply Chain operation Lead: Job in Nigeria – FMCG

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Job Description

XML is recruiting a Supply Chain operation Lead – Industry: FMCG.

Responsibilities include:

Contributing to strategic decision-making, business planning, and organisational development.
Collaborating with the CEO on setting and communicating measurable, time-bound organisational
priorities, developing and managing the implementation of plans, ensuring continued alignment of
resources and regularly reviewing progress on achievement in line with these priorities.
Building, managing and leading a supply chain operations team that effectively demonstrates
organisational culture and values, consistently performs at a high standard through the execution of
highly efficient processes and the delivery of high-quality products to customers
Engaging with and building relationships with community leaders, including pastoralists and farmer
Overseeing and ensuring the development of training content and conducting training for team
members and pastoralists
Designing and implementing data collection systems and processes
Rigorously monitoring and analysing field data to understand the business’ performance and
continuously implement data-driven improvements; distilling internal and external data/research into
actionable insights, opinions, and recommendations.
Developing and effectively implementing internal systems, business processes, SOPs, and organisational
policies and procedures that ensure efficient and effective operations. This includes reviewing,
improving, and continuing to codify our existing operating standards into a rock-solid playbook that
allows us to scale.
Promoting the identification and adoption of established best practices, whilst creating an environment
that encourages the implementation of creative solutions.
Planning, managing and coordinating all activities related to replenishment of raw materials to meet the
changing levels of product demand
Developing, managing and coordinating logistics and distribution of finished products (in-house and with
3PLs and fulfilment partners) with a focus on operational excellence, cost management, proactively
monitoring performance and daily execution to ensure timely fulfilment of customer orders and
excellent customer service.

Skills and Attributes:

You are a multifunctional, results-driven leader, manager, collaborator, and culture builder – able to
identify, take advantage of, and build on the right opportunities.
You have the ability to synthesise knowledge, trends, dynamics, and best practices from a range of
geographies and industries, and use these to create systems and processes that enable the organisation
to capture growth opportunities and become more competitive and profitable.
You are organised and enjoy creating efficient processes and bringing structure to an organisation,
ensuring things run smoothly and getting the organisation ready for growth and new opportunities.
You have excellent analytical skills and use data-driven decision-making to ensure successful
You have strong past results in creating and implementing processes, ability to influence adoption in the
team and iterating processes based on learnings.
You have experience in and get energised by managing people and farmers, you are a highly efficient
manager of resources (people and otherwise), and are able to effectively delegate tasks and other areas
of responsibility.
You drive new initiatives, embrace and push for change, and are not afraid to try something new.
You have strong interpersonal skills, emotional intelligence, and cultural awareness.
You are a facilitator, you listen intently, resolve conflicts effectively, integrate feedback and create an
environment where everyone feels comfortable to speak up and develop ideas together.
You learn quickly, can operate with high autonomy, and are willing to make a deep and focused
commitment to growing the business.

Role Requirements:

Bachelor’s degree
Master’s degree in a related field is a plus
At least 3 years of stand-out performance in a supply chain operations role
Experience with various facets within operations: program management, planning, forecasting, logistics,
warehousing and inventory management
Experience with inventory management, reconciliation and fulfilment across multiple locations
Knowledge of key service performance metrics and KPIs
Experience managing dispersed teams
Experience working will smallholder farmers
Experience in rural or development-related activities (agricultural sector preferred).
Excellent analytical, modelling and reporting skills
Extremely agile and able to adapt to changing priorities and needs
Superior communication skills – ability to communicate/present at different organisational levels and
work cross-functionally
Proficiency in Microsoft Office tools (Word, Excel, and PowerPoint).
Languages: Fluency in English and Hausa (Fulfulde is a strong advantage)


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