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Job offers in Rabat Morocco

The unemployment rate in Morocco is over 10%. It affects several cities in the country with the youth being most affected by this. These cities strive to implement policies to reduce this. It includes the city of Rabat. It is the capital city of Morocco. Rabat has quite a low unemployment rate compared to other cities in Morocco. Recently the Moroccan government has been encouraging foreign investments to expand the economy and increase formal jobs in Rabat. Due to this strategic move, there are many jobs in Rabat that locals and foreign nationals can apply for. Rabat is home to international organizations, regional and local authorities, and firms which operate in different sectors. The official language in the region is Moroccan Arabic. Other languages in Rabat include French and English.

There is a wide range of available jobs in Rabat for job seekers. Some of the available jobs in Rabat Morocco include finance, engineering, construction, education, health…

How to find jobs in Rabat through Sabiss?

Job hunting has always been a challenging task considering the high unemployment levels. It is often a challenge to access job opportunities without having much information in the job market. However, Sabiss, has made job hunting easy for you. It applies to foreigners and locals seeking employment in various cities such as Rabat, Morocco.

If you are looking for jobs in Rabat Morocco, with the hope of being employed, you should be aware that you will need a work permit and a residency permit from the Ministry of Employment if you are a foreigner. On top of that, your employer will need to give sufficient proof to the Ministry of Employment that no local citizen could perform the task allocated to the foreigner. Before you officially start working, your employer will also need to acquire a certificate from ANAPEC (Agence Nationale de Promotion de I’Emploi et des Compétences). After you have ensured that you have met all the legal requirements needed to secure jobs in Rabat, you can now go ahead and search or apply for jobs through our website. Locals are also encouraged to apply for jobs in Rabat through the site. Our website has a list of job offer in Rabat Morocco. It updates daily with new vacancies. You will upload your current updated CV onto the Sabiss system. You will then proceed to specify the Rabat location, the job title, and the sector of your interest. By doing so, the site generates a list of vacancies that meet the criteria. To have an added advantage, ensure that besides English, you are also fluent in French or Arabic since most organizations communicate either in Arabic or French.


How can employers search for the best candidates for their job offers in Rabat Morocco?

Employers have a challenging task to find the ideal candidates for their job offer in Rabat Morocco. It is due to the information asymmetry in the market. To curb this, employers usually partner with job recruitment platforms like Sabiss.

Sabiss has a large pool of talent where employers can choose their ideal candidates from. Employers find skilled labour from different nationalities since Sabiss has job seekers profiles from the local region, African and Middle Eastern regions. To fill in the job offer Rabat Morocco, employers assess applicants who have expressed their interest in finding jobs in Rabat. Our website usually gives the employer full access to the comprehensive information of their applicants. After that, the employer will use this information to shortlist the qualified candidates by comparing their background qualifications and work experiences against the job requirements. As part of the recruitment process, employers are encouraged to take the applicants through psychometric tests and interviews. These tests and interviews can be in a series. It will give the employer a clearer picture of the applicant’s character. Having gotten sufficient information about the candidates who applied for the jobs in Rabat, the employer can award the opportunity to the successful candidate.