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Looking for the ideal job in Africa and the Middle East as well as internationally? On Sabiss, just dedicate your time to discover the next work destination and pack your bags! Browse hundreds of job opportunities and apply directly to positions that match your skills, interests and priorities! The entire Sabiss team has reimagined for you the experience of looking for a job, especially internationally!

Finding a job has never been easier thanks to our website dedicated to talents from the Middle East and Africa. Every day, recruiters from different countries (Africa, Middle East, France, Europe, Asia, United States, Canada...) publish job offers on Sabiss to find profiles corresponding to the positions they have to fill. Sabiss wants to make it easier for candidates to meet with their companies (wherever they are). So we put together an exceptional team and built a smart platform that connects every single candidate to the opportunity that they want, no matter where they want to go and find a job .

Our mission is to promote human relationships and help them find their way by offering you a number of international job opportunities! So, aim higher, go further, dream bigger! If a better career is on the other side of the border, we will help you find it. Sabiss will be your first step to become everything you want to be!


Among our hundreds of job offers, discover your next opportunity!

Finding a job in the country, let alone internationally, is not an easy task in a tense economic environment! To be effective, it is not the quantity of applications feel out that will make the difference, but the fact that you can target your search using job offer sites. And to this end, Sabiss is one of the best online resources to help you in your process, it is one of the most visited job search sites in the Middle East and Africa.

Our main mission is to facilitate job searches for candidates by providing you with customizable job offers and helping you publish your CV, as well as providing you with information about the employers of your choice and the best advice on current recruitment trends such as how to make a good first impression at work, How to ace your call interview, How to find first job with little professional experience.... You will also be able to apply for international offers if you wish.

Whether you want to find a job with a fixed-term or temporary contract, an internship ... consult hundreds of current offers in France, Germany and elsewhere in Europe, but also in various countries in Asia, the USA, Canada ... and of course in Africa and the Middle East. Find the international offer that will meet all your expectations! You will be able to apply directly to companies and recruiters looking for candidates with linguistic, cultural or technical skills. Through our job site, we offer companies and applicants an innovative recruitment solution based on the profiles to be recruited for each company, from SMEs to large groups, at both local and international levels!

Sabiss is one of the leading job sites in Africa and the Middle East in terms of traffic and job offers , with specialized portals by trades for experts, engineers, technicians, and other fields, for many sectors: finance and accounting, management, audit and control, administration, banking and insurance, marketing, architecture, big data, energy and environment, etc. What Sabiss offers you is the springboard of an average job with no real prospects towards a new world exciting, multicultural and remarkably adapted to your profile and your wishes of evolution!