10 of the Best jobs for Bilinguals

In this competitive and technological job market, most employers and companies search for people who can converse in more than one language. There is an increase in globalisation hence the need for people who can work better across borders.

Learning an extra language is an advantage in that you can increase your earnings and expand your professional knowledge. Therefore, you can enjoy plenty of job opportunities for bilingual speakers if you are one. Speaking more than one language opens up great opportunities to enhance your skills and travel.

Check out the below list to see some of the jobs that require bilingual skills.

1. Customer service representative

Most companies have customer support center across the world. Therefore, there is a need for bilingual speakers. The sales representative is one of the best paying bilingual jobs in this line of work.

It is not easy to resolve customer issues over the phone on time, especially if you are dealing with more than one country or nationality. Because of that, companies are hiring people who can help a wide customer base with no language barrier.

2. Interpreter and translator

This is among the top bilingual career opportunities. Organizations are expanding their territories every day hence the need for a translator. As businesses and companies expand globally, the chances of having a shortage of jobs that require bilingual skills are less (translation and interpretation jobs). Interpretation and translation services are required in different places like universities, immigration facilities, courthouses, and hospitals. Therefore, there are plenty of places and job opportunities for bilingual speakers to communicate and work on behalf of others.

3. Flight attendant

This is among the best bilingual career opportunities, especially for people involved in the air transport industry. Flight attendants need to have this useful skill to thrive in the industry. Many air transport industries like airlines are now focusing on improving their customer support services, considering the increase in online reviews and passengers.
Therefore, people who can speak more than a single language have a higher chance of having a flight attendant job than a one language speaker. Airlines will prefer bilingual staff members to improve their in-flight communication.

4. Hospitality manager

Job opportunities for bilingual speakers seem hard to find, but have you checked the hospitality industry? Resorts, tourist attraction facilities, and Hotels need someone who can communicate well with different visitors speaking different languages.

Some of the best paying bilingual jobs in the hospitality industry include concierges, hotel managers, and desk clerks. The industries that rely mostly on tourism like travel agencies, accommodation, and air travel need more employees, and are jobs that require bilingual skills. So, bilingual speakers have a great chance of getting one of these bilingual career opportunities.

5. Human resource specialist

Among the job opportunities for bilingual speakers, this is very important. Bilingual specialists in the human resource department help the company to have a better scope when hiring new employees.

Companies with ethnic diversity make more profit compared to others. Therefore, getting people who understand different languages and ethnic points of view is valuable in the company’s growth.

Bilingual speakers can apply for a position in a company as a human resource specialist to help hire people from other cultures and countries.

6. Journalist/writer

There are many bilingual career opportunities in media. Bilingual speakers will be advantageous when searching for a perfect media career. A journalist who speaks more than one language will have an easy time conducting interviews, writing an article about a certain story, and researching for a non-English channel.

Writers and copywriters in the advertising arena are other jobs that require bilingual skills to translate a certain creative work to reach a wider audience.

7. Teacher

Education is one of the job opportunities for bilingual speakers. Teaching in a multicultural population is among the jobs that require bilingual skills to pass information accurately and correctly.

Many schools that offer education for different cultures worldwide require teachers who can fluently speak many languages. Teaching is among the bilingual career opportunities that come with longevity since most international schools are looking for ways of improving their language programs.

8. Information technology consultant

Therefore, bilingual speakers specializing in such niche areas are extremely needed in today’s ever-changing technology field. The information technology field offers some of the best paying bilingual jobs you can get in the market.

10. Healthcare professional

Clinics and hospitals are the busiest places with several patients from different parts of the world. It is stressful and hard to pass important information in an emergency, especially for patients who don’t understand English.

Therefore, you can benefit from the best paying bilingual jobs: nurse, emergency telecommunications, doctors, and paramedics. These jobs that require bilingual skills like emergency telecommunications and paramedics can save time and many lives.

11. Social worker

One of the most important people in today’s society is a social worker. This rewarding but challenging career opportunity requires you to be culturally aware.

Having the ability to talk to different people and understand each one about their emotional and other complex issues in their language is valuable, powerful, and among the best paying bilingual jobs, you can search out there.

Private and government staff have realized that communication is directly proportional to the quality of customer service they offer. Therefore, if you want to learn some new languages to pursue your career or boost your CV, this is the best time to start to enjoy the best paying bilingual jobs in the market.

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