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What makes logistics and supply chain management a great career

Have you ever bought something online and it was later delivered to your house or workplace? The success of the delivery is a result of logistics and supply chain management. The supply chain industry has an impact in our daily lives, which makes supply chain jobs and logistics jobs exciting and engaging.

Supply chain management focuses on the entire process of bringing a service or product to sale, while logistics deals with the transportation and storage of the products.

Due to the thousands of career opportunities that supply chain and logistics offer, you might find yourself working in the customer service, procurement, manufacturing, transportation, or data analysis industries. Supply chain jobs are always in high demand because supply chain is a fundamental part of any economy, which makes logistics and supply chain management a great career.

Majority of people with logistics jobs have a bachelor's degree in supply chain management, business, industrial engineering, or process engineering. One of the main responsibilities of a logistician is to manage the supply chain of the organisation. The supply chain management is a broad umbrella, which offers a lot of career opportunities in logistics.

The logistics industry plays a great role in the economy. In 2015, goods worth more than 19 trillion and weighing more than 18 billion tons were transported through the U.S transportation network. Additionally, it is estimated that the value of total freight will increase to 38 trillion and weigh 27 billion tons by the year 2045. So if you want to venture into the logistics industry, now is a great time to start!

Supply chain jobs and logistics jobs are now available on Sabiss!

Are you thinking about pursuing a career in logistics or supply chain management? One of the best recruiting platforms for finding logistics jobs and supply chain jobs is Sabiss. The platform promotes equal opportunities in the labour market, especially African and Middle Eastern talent. Sabiss is not only a platform for employers, but it is also a platform where candidates looking for jobs can apply to hundreds of companies.

Once you have identified the job that requires your skill set, Type in the type of logistics job you are searching for in the job title tab, and specify the city you would like to work in as well as the industry sector. The website should show you a variety of logistics jobs that match your search.

Logistics and supply chain industry is very diverse and almost anyone interested in a supply chain career can find a job that suits them well. Some of the roles in supply chain management that you can look up on our website include:

  • Warehouse logistics manager
  • Freight agent
  • Transport analyst
  • Procurement manager
  • Inventory manager
  • Logistics engineer
  • Supply chain manager
  • Customer service representative
  • Logistics consultant
  • Configuration analyst
  • Senior level Landman
  • Procurement analyst
  • Purchasing manager
  • Business analyst
  • Director of operations

Logistics and supply chain management career can lead you to the top of a corporate organisation in positions of CEO or CFO because of the growth opportunities in the industry.


How employers can find future candidates in logistics and supply chain management

Are you an employer looking for excellent candidates for logistics jobs and supply chain jobs in your organisation? Sabiss is the best platform where you can find qualified and talented individuals to fill the positions.

Just visit our website today and sign in to find competent candidates. Once you are on the website, click the post new job button and add details about the job position, then post it. Interested candidates in logistics jobs and supply chain jobs will send their applications, and you can look through them to find your best candidates and schedule an interview with them.