Making a good first impression at work: Tips for the first days of your new job

You got a new job which means you have succeeded to impress the recruiter. Now comes the next step : Making a good impression at work and getting integrated among your new co-workers. The first few days of work in a new company will have a major impact on your future career and therefore the smallest misstep can be damaging.

Continue reading and discover our tips on how to make a great impression at work and convince your manager that they chose the right person!

First step to making a good impression at work: Learn more about the company.

Arriving on the first day of work and not knowing anything about the company can be very unpleasant for your managers. Normally, you have been chosen for your personality, your suitability to the company’s values and your motivation to join the group.

You have therefore demonstrated that you know the company, its activities and have understood its work philosophy. This information will be very important to you in the first few days. So don’t hesitate to review what you have prepared for the interview. This will give you a slight insight on how to make a good first impression at work.

Be careful with your attitude!

Negative attitude at the workplace is contagious. And you don’t want to be the one spreading it over. The secret to being more likeable by your work colleagues and making a good first impression at work on your first days is having an optimistic attitude and giving positive energy away.

You can make that happen through: encouraging humour, smiling, using a positive body language, having your door open and being helpful to your co-workers if needed…etc.

Take more initiatives.

There is inevitably going to be a time when you have nothing to do, especially during the first days. Don’t just sit back and do nothing. Show your implication by participating in other projects and helping your colleagues with their tasks. Taking initiative and volunteering to do extra work is how to give a good first impression at work.

Making a good first impression at work: Punctuality is key!

Avoid at all costs coming to work and meetings late! Especially on your first days. Respecting the company’s schedules is one of the basics of making a good first impression at work.

You can even try to come a little earlier. This will allow you to organize your space and why not have a coffe with a colleague.

Take part in extra-corporate activities!

Your company may organize extra-corporate events for the entertainment and wellbeing of its employees. You should seize the opportunity to bond with your co-workers and get to know them more. Remember that you will be working with these people on a daily basis. Making a good first impression at work is the key on maintaining a healthy environment at the work place.

Show appreciation.

Show kindness and appreciation will help you make a great first impression at work. Don’t hesitate to thank those who are always open to offer you guidance and answer your questions.

A simple thank you and a little explanation is all that is needed to let the person know that the help was valuable. Also, don’t hesitate to return the favor when your colleagues need help. This will sure make you more pleasant to work with.

How to give a good first impression at work: Just be yourself!

Take it easy on your first few days on the job and enjoy the experience. This will be an opportunity to introduce yourself to your colleagues and do your best to make a good first impression at work. Follow these simple tips and be yourself! And you won’t have to worry about your first weeks.

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