Most wanted jobs in Africa for 2022 that you shouldn’t miss!

Africa is a continent with a lot of potential and vast untapped resources. This is why experts are predicting a great economic growth phase in the near future. This means new job opportunities, and new industries are starting to take form. The smart option would be to quickly jump on the employment wagon. You can now choose the best job for you in Morocco, Ivory Coast, Tunisia, Nigerie, Algeria, Cameroon, Senegal, South Africa or the country of your dreams in Africa. Here is a list of the most wanted jobs in Africa for 2022.

Software developer:

According to “the career panel’s” latest research, demand for software development jobs has increased by 22% in the span of a month, between January and February 2021. Just like countries all over the world, African countries are also transitioning to a more digital culture. In fact, businesses are choosing to develop their own software and digitalize their systems to stay on top. This is why software developers are turning into one of the most wanted jobs in Africa.

Sales representatives:

With a 19% increase since December 2020, it is clear that sales representatives are a sought-after job in Africa. Sales is the pillar of every company, as it generates the most profits. As a result, companies that are striving to succeed are constantly looking for great sale reps.

Team leader and supervisor:

As companies are growing bigger in African countries, so does the need for team leaders and supervisors. A company’s worth equals that of its employees. Establishig a relaxed atmosphere and hirig a dynamic leader to lead and motivate is a must for today’s businesses. Management has surpassed its classical term and evolved into leadership. If you have what it takes, you should definitely consider a position as a team leader since they are one of the most wanted jobs in Africa .

Business developer and manager:

For farms and other agricultural business endeavors, business developers are very much sought after. In fact, they make one of the most in demand jobs in Africa. With a GDP contribution of 15%, the agricultural sector is exponentially rising; as a result, all sorts of employment opportunities are seeing the light of day. Other than business developers, agricultural sales , farming journalism, agricultural engineers are also in high demand.

Infrastructure engineers and architects:

Due to the booming economy and urbanization rate, the continent’s infrastructure is bound to witness radical changes. This transformation requires skilled professionals. Structural engineers, as well as technical and business architects are thus the most wanted jobs in Africa.

Mining engineers:

West Africa is known for its large number of mines. In fact, extractive activities for both mineral and energy sectors are mostly responsible for West Africa’s economic growth. As such, it is only natural that mining engineers would have a place among the most wanted jobs in Africa.  Their primary tasks include planning, ensuring the safety of the mines and their sustainability, as well as overseeing the extraction teams.

Brand managers and marketers:

Africa’s middle class purchasing power is growing day by day, and with more competitive businesses joining the market, companies are looking for ways to distinguish themselves. This is where brand managers and marketers come into play, as one of the most in-demand jobs in Africa. Their role revolves around improving a company or product’s image, so as to appeal to the consumers more.  

Financial managers:

A growing company can’t survive for long without good financial managers that monitor its financial transactions, manage its funds, and keep the company’s financial goals in mind. It is no surprise then, that it is a most wanted job in Africa.

Actuaries and risk managers:

Actuaries are one of the most wanted jobs in Africa for a good reason. Not only do they calculate and manage risks related to the business, but they also play an advisory and a growth role in the company. With such great responsibilities, actuaries are among the highest paid jobs in the finance sector.


Just as actuaries, accountants also play a significant role in any business, as they analyze expenses and maximize profitability. Having such an essential role, they also get a spot in our list of the most in demand jobs in Africa.

Web designers and developers:

Information and communication Technologies, or ICT for short, is among the leading fields in the world. Naturally, African countries also strive to get in this market by hiring all sorts of technicians. Web designers and developers are among the most wanted jobs in Africa in this field, as they are considered essential for the digitalization of companies.

Logistics managers:

The more stable and established a business becomes, the more significant transportation, warehousing, logistics, and stocks management becomes. A logistics manager is essential for a company to work seamlessly. His job is to predict, plan, and control the entire supply chain as well as the merchandise’s trajectory from the factory, to the buyer. This is why logistic job is a most wanted job in Africa.

Truck drivers:

A different kind of employment that doesn’t require a high academic level, truck drivers look to be one of the most in-need jobs in Africa. This demand accompanies the increase in logistics activities as well as exportation in Africa. It is easy to understand why truck drivers are one of the most in-demand jobs in Africa for 2022.

Hotel managers and hospitality directors:

The tourism sector is currently booming in Africa, constituting 8% of the continent’s GDP, and experts are only expecting this sector to continue thriving. Hotel managers, and specifically hospitality directors, are key actors in this field, and are responsible for the smooth running of a customer’s experience as well as his stay in the country. The nature of their work combined with the salary makes Hotel managers one of the most wanted jobs in Africa.

Whatever the career you want to build, Africa is at a point in its economy where almost all fields are thriving. From agriculture, to industry, to the services sector, companies in Africa are looking for young, passionate, and motivated employees to join their teams. Our list of the most wanted jobs in Africa for 2022 reflects this diversity. Whatever you choose, be sure that you will have enough growth opportunities and a great salary to accompany your work responsibilities.

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