Jobs in the UAE: Discover the most wanted jobs for 2022

With one of the strongest economies in the Middle East, the UAE is a hub spot for both foreign and national talent. Despite the economic setbacks during 2020, some sectors in the UAE have continued to grow and expand, hence the need for new, motivated, and dynamic talents. This article will guide you through a list of the most wanted jobs in the UAE for 2022.

1. Digital content freelancers:

One of the most in demand jobs in the UAE currently is digital content freelancers. This is due to the growing popularity of social media as well as the broadened work permits for international freelancers. With such a promising future and a nice salary to top it off, Digital content freelancing is a great career choice in the UAE. Just keep in mind that you have to be creative and authentic.    

2. Marketing and social media specialists:

 A key element in the success of any company is its marketing department.  Social media management gives a great advantage to any organization by enhancing its image in the eyes of its clients. Especially in our digital age, marketing and social media specialists desrve a place among the top jobs in the UAE for 2022 This post not only offers great work advantages, it also pays well. On average, the salary varies from AED 3000 for beginners with no experience, to  AED 20,700 for those with 5 years or more of experience

3. Medical personnel and healthcare supporting staff:

With a noticeable demographic growth and a global pandemic, the UAE is need of performing doctors, nurses, and healthcare supporting staff members. If you’re passionate about the healthcare sector, choosing these most in demand jobs in the UAE is a no-brainer.

4. E-commerce specialists:

The current digital renovations have reached far and wide, infiltrating all sorts of sectors, including commerce. The E-commerce business in the UAE is thriving, and demand has never been higher. People are becoming more trusting of these unorthodox purchasing methods. E-commerce specialists are currently among the most required jobs in the UAE. They offer the advantages of a stable salary, all while offering professional independence for those who need it.

5. Business developers and sales specialists:

A must in every company, business developers and sales specialists are what keeps the business wheel turning by keeping track of transactions and developing proper business plans. It’s obvious to see why they are one of the most in-demand occupations in the UAE.

6. Online journalists and copywriters:

Online journaling is leading nowadays, due to the increased digitalization of everyday tasks. As a result, Journalists, editors, and copywriters are no longer required to work from an office. Instead, they have a much more flexible schedule. If you are into writing and delivering stories to the general public, then this most demanded job in the UAE is for you.  As for the salary, it varies between AED 7000 and AED 24,100 for a junior editor and a mid-career journalist respectively.

7. Translators:

The UAE is known for its cultural diversity and mixed ethnicities. It is home for people with different nationalities and backgrounds. Translators are a much needed job in the UAE, especially in the medical field. Another sector where translation is considered a necessity post is business. This is because translators are needed to draft contracts and other legally binding documents. It comes as no surprise then, knowing that a translator is handsomely compensated for his services with a salary of up to AED 2700.

8. Finance specialists and financial analysts:

The finance sector is booming, and careers in accountancy or finance are steadily rising to be considered as top jobs in the UAE and Dubai in particular. This post’s related responsibilities mainly revolve around forecasting revenues and costs as well as providing supervision and council during decision making.  The salary and its responsibilities have earned it a spot in our list of most wanted jobs in the UAE.

9. Teachers :

Whether you have experience or none at all, this in-demand job in the UAE is made for you.  UAE has an important number of international schools that are in need of teachers for Arabic, and English as a second language (ELS). You are sure to find a great career as a teacher in the UAE.

10. Hospitality and tourism professionals :

Whether you are a chef, a tour guide, a hotel manager, or anything in between, UAE is the destination for you! Hospitality and tourism professionals are one of the most needed jobs in the Emirates. They also offer a satisfactory salary ranging from AED 2,000 for cleaning staff members to 34,000 for a hotel service supervisor.

11. HR and Recruitment Specialists:

The increase in investments means the creation of more companies, hence the urgent need for HR and recruitment specialists. Considered a highly in demand job in the UAE, jobs in the HR department are a great career choice in the emirates, with a good salary and advantages.

12. Admin assistance:

Organizations around the world are gradually transitioning towards a more digital way of work, with remote work and stay-at-home jobs gaining popularity day after day. This is why admin assistance jobs are becoming one of the most wanted jobs in the UAE.  If you’re looking for an employment offer with many growth opportunities, and a good salary, you should consider becoming an admin assistant.

The emirates is a country full of opportunities and challenges for those interested in starting a new chapter in their lives, or even those who are looking for a more upbeat lifestyle. Whether you are in the IT sector, a sales specialist, a healthcare staff member, or even a teacher, the UAE will most definitely have the right job offer for you. The Emirates’ most in demand jobs for 2022 are diverse and cover a wide range of fields. All you need is a high level of energy and perseverance to make a name for yourself. What are you waiting for? It’s time to live your dreams. 


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