No diploma=no job?

In some countries, the culture of the diploma is very ingrained. Each year, thousands of Masters student graduate from schools and invade the job market. Difficult, in this context, to find a job when you do not have a diploma. Difficult, but not impossible!

Begin your search by targeting the sectors of activity that recruit without the obligation of diplomas. This is the case, for example, for hotels, restaurants, transport and even large retailers. In these fields, among others, companies generally give more importance to the will and the social skills, than to the curriculum and the diploma. Also, some jobs do not require training to be practised. This is the case for the receptionist, garbage collector, delivery person and even server positions.

Try the interim! Although this contract is considered precarious due to the low job security, it nevertheless represents an open door in the company. It will allow you to prove your worth, gain experience and perhaps even benefit from in-house training. In addition, if during your interim you provided quality work, it is a safe bet that the company will want to call on you if a more permanent position is created.

Whatever job you are applying for, whatever the type of contract (interim, fixed-term contract, etc.), work on your interview beforehand! Since you cannot defend diplomas, your greatest assets are your motivation and your skills. Use your different experiences, professional and personal, to show your maturity, your motivation and your know-how. Do not hesitate to talk about your passions and hobbies, if they can add value to your profile. Show the recruiter that he can trust you, but above all, be true!


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