Partner recruitment: what you need to know about finding partners

Partner recruitment is a key step in channel marketing. Without it, you won’t get to target the best business partners for your company, and you will ultimately miss your goal. It doesn’t matter how big or small your channel is. You will most likely have to recruit partners when you acquire a new product that you aren’t equipped to sell, or when you branch out to a new sector. In the business sphere, allies are the force behind your success, because their expertise helps you grow yours. Here are the most critical factors to lean on when preparing your partner recruitment campaign.

1. Get to know potential partners Partner recruitment

Just like when recruiting collaborators, the first step to a good partner recruitment campaign is understanding your partners. Learning about their vendors, their products and services among others things that distinguish them from their concurrence will strengthen your relationship. It will also help you in detecting your successful partner profile for future endeavors. You can do so by creating surveys to send out for existing partners, and then analyzing the data. It is a thorough step that will pave the way for your recruitment process.

2. Building a partner recruitment target list

Now that you have identified your ideal target partner, it is time to track them down. Employ platforms like LinkedIn,, or other data providing services to make a list of your potential partners. You can even work with businesses like to guide you through the entire partner recruitment process.

Pro tip: if you are looking to minimize competition by targeting your concurrence, don’t go for the big fish. Instead, target smaller companies that are looking for new chances to expand.

3. Come up with an engaging message Partner recruitment

Any partner recruitment proposal worth its salt is engaging, well-delivered, and confident. It must answer three essential questions that any potential partner is wondering about:

  • Will this partnership benefit my position on the market?
  • How big of an investment will I have to make if I accept this partnership?
  • How much profit will I be making through this transaction- both on the short and long terms?

Your message should hold the answer to these three questions; otherwise, it won’t hold the attention of your intended partner. Try to show your best traits and shed light on your business to showcase all of its best features. Partners want to work with leaders so that they can benefit from them. Take advantage of your proposition to show off and deliver the promise of a stress-free deal.  

4. Stay committed

Speaking of attention, a successful partner recruitment campaign is one that lasts longer than 6 months. In fact, try to keep reaching out to potential partners for over 12 months, with personalized messages and packages to engage them in multiple conversations and ultimately convince them. With partners, slow and steady wins the race. Don’t give off the impression that you are trying to control them. This is a partnership, so make sure to act accordingly. Build a long lasting, strategic relationship.

5. Simplify the selling process

Business partners can be hard to convince, or even skeptical. An easy selling process with few steps will appeal to any future partners and easily convince them to join forces with you. Simplicity will also help you bond faster by personalizing your relationship and incorporating more products to sell after the campaign has paid off.  Partners want to make money. Talk them through the process; help them get there so that they can help you. This is also a good aspect to accentuate in your partner recruitment campaign.

6. Learn when to stop

Although perseverance is a good attribute for a partner recruitment campaign, knowing when to give up is just as admirable. When a potential partner explicitly refuses you offer, it means that they are not interested enough in your products, or are simply not willing to invest in a different sector. Continuing to pursue them is completely unprofessional, and is just a waste of resources. You would be better off focusing your efforts on other prospects.

7. Give a helping hand

A good partner recruitment campaign is one that is as easy as it is profitable. Seeing as your partners might not have previous experience in dealing with highly technical products, helping out by providing them with ready-to-use solutions is ideal. Not only will you guarantee happier partners this way, but you will also boost their productivity levels and as a consequence your profits.

Providing your partners with a detailed plan and milestones through each phase will also ensure a productive partnership with huge sales. Set a timeline, as well as measurable objectives, and don’t forget to update your field resources, as they are the ones in direct contact with your partners. Having disciplined check-ins keeps your partners accountable and helps you build rapport with them.

Final thoughts:

Partner recruitment is a great way to increase sales and strengthen your position on the market. Channel marketing not only helps you make more profit, but you get to establish new relationships and multiply your vendors. This being said, navigating a partnership can be very tricky. If not done correctly, it might ruin your image and be a waste of money and resources. To capitalize on this marketing technique, make sure to follow our tips and do enough research on both your partners and their products to ensure compatibility between you both.

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