How to close an interview: 6 pertinent questions every candidate must ask

Your interview is coming to an end and so far your answers are almost flawless. Until the recruiter asks: “Do you have any questions?”. Suddenly your mind turns into this white blank canvas. Shrugging the question off sure is an option. However, it may leave a bad impression and show a lack of interest.

We suggest you six different questions that you can ask the recruiter to draw the interview to an end with the utmost professionalism and show implication.

Ask about further details concerning the position you’re applying for.

A lot of interesting points may have slipped during the interview and it’s your job to bring them up. If you have any ambiguities or further inquiries ask the recruiter to make them clearer for you.

Tell your interviewer to talk to you a bit more about the time schedule you’ll be working according to for example, the company’s internal regulations and any possible additional information. Asking these questions could be very useful to you in the future.

What are your company’s salary range for this post?

It is one of the basic rights of an employee to know beforehand what to expect from the company they will be woking for in terms of remuneration. Sometimes it is mentionned in the job offer but in most cases where it isn’t, it is your duty to ask this type of questions during the interview.

Negociating your salary allows you to avoid further disappointments and surprise. Your work should be remunerated in accordance with your profile and the quality level of work you will be adding to the company.

Do not shy away or avoid the question!

Does the job offer an opportunity to progress and move forward?

It is essential to know whether the job will provide you the opportunity to develop a career and progress further. Depending on your career plan and your standards of a good job position, the answer to this question is very important.

If you are searching for an environment of growth and advancement, it is no use to accept a position where there is no scope to move up.

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Can you tell me about the team I will be working with?

Your next job is where you will be spending one third of your time. Getting a sense of the atmosphere in the workplace and the people you will be spending this time with is as important as anything else. Understanding whether the work methods are more independent or collaborative, for example. Asking this type of questions during an interview is a way to familiarize yourself with the profiles of the people you may be working with.

What will be my very first task?

There is nothing better than showing implication and enthusiasm on the first exchange with the recruiter. Asking this question at the end of the interview showcases self-confidence and assertiveness. In addition to that, you will be prepared for your first days at work and eventually give the greatest impression.

One of the best questions to ask to close the interview: “When should i expect to hear from you next?”

Using this instead of asking the question “What are the next steps of the process?” will increase the chances of the company informing you whether you got the job or not instead of simply ghosting you. And it eventually will spare you from obsessively checking your calls and emails waiting for a response.

It is also the best way to close the interview. Proceed to thank the recruiter and give them a friendly goodbye.

Most candidates think that interviews are a one way conversation. That the mere goal of an interview is to judge if they are worthy of the position or not. As much as the company cares that the job qualifications must be met by the candidate, the latter should also evaluate if the company is in line with their standards and expectations. Asking recruiters questions at the end of a job interview is the only way to know.

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