Authentic Recruiting Strategies for Successful Hiring in 2022

Classic recruiting strategies are becoming more and more obsolete. Sifting through hundreds, sometimes thousands, of CVs. Reading a bunch of cover letters of which more than half have the same opening. Then call candidates for a job interview. Continuing by asking standard questions and spending hours listening to the same old answers. This makes the job of a hiring manager sound like passionless monotonous work. Which, in a lot of cases, it is. Have you ever as an employer wondered about the options available for you? Are there any creative and authentic recruiting strategies for successful hiring?

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The Objectives:

Let’s start by stating the benefits of adopting unusual hiring strategies to attract and retain talent aside from them making your job more entertaining and enjoyable.

Bringing the best out of candidates.

There is no better way to help the applicants for the job expose their full potential than a fun challenge. Enough with the classic interview questions which produce redundant responses. One can always lie and prepare ahead of time for the interview and lure you, the recruiter, into thinking they are the best fit for the job.

It is also a great HR Marketing Strategy.

Innovative recruiting strategies aim for a successful hiring process in addition to creating a powerful and positive candidate experience. These types of practices stir a good type of buzz and attract bold and determined candidates. This will not only increase your chance of getting qualified applicants. It will also embellish your employer brand’s image. Which will surely be beneficial for potential hiring.

High chances of attracting and retaining the best talents.

As we have mentioned above, these types of strategies (depends on whether announced before the application or are kept a surprise until the big day) attract a higher number of applications. But mainly good ones!

If the recruiting strategy is challenging to the candidates and requires effort, it will eliminate a large count of random applications that waste a lot of recruiters’ precious time.

How to recruit talented employees with the utmost originality?

It is time we disclose our tips on the matter. Here is a list of recruiting strategies for successful hiring that may be of use to you as an employer in 2022:

Call for video resumes.

Yes, you have heard it right! Make the job application process look like an audition. After all, you are hunting for talent. This strategy will allow you to judge the creativity of your applicants and how far they are capable to go. And is a good way to evaluate the technical and digital skills of your potential employees.

Escape games: a new way to recruit.

What was once an entertaining activity with friends is becoming now adapted in recruiting. The gamification of recruitment makes it easier for recruiters to assess the soft skills of candidates. By combining a case study, a personality questionnaire, or psycho-technical tests, the recruitment strategy offers a better vision and understanding of the candidate’s personality and skills. What a great way to see whether the candidate is fit for the company’s culture or not!

Group interviews are time-saving, and more.

Group interviews are a recruitment strategy example. They are often used for jobs that require interpersonal skills and teamwork capacities. The collective interview strategy presents a lot of advantages to the company. It helps the recruiter observe and judge the candidates’ team spirit, leadership, and overall behavior within a group.

Advertise your job offers as if they were a product.

If your budget allows it, why not take it far with the job offering process? Conceptualise a creative ad, under whatever format you find suitable, in which you represent the company’s culture alongside with the perks of working there. Talented candidates look for a work culture that suits theirs. So this is a great recruiting strategy for successful hiring.

Heineken’s recruitment strategy example:

Some companies go a lot further than others. The operation requires more time, often more budget too. But the results are often outstanding!

The most iconic case is that of Heineken, which had to choose between more than 1,700 candidates for an incredibly exciting internship in sports events. How did they proceed about it? By creating the most amazing recruitment process ever! I won’t keep you any longer by telling the story. I invite you to watch the video of this operation carried out in 2013: The Candidate.

The main idea is to switch away from the classic process of recruiting and innovate. It is 2022 and there is no better time to do so. With a fast-growing technology and more fun and challenge-seeking generation, real talent is just a creative recruiting strategy away! Depending on your vacant roles and the industry in which your company operates, it is also a good idea to go far with your hiring process.

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