The best recruitment tools for the best recruitment results

In business, employees are the driving force behind your company’s success or failure. Everyone, from the small, blue collar worker, to the big executives at the top of the hierarchy contribute in your organization’s development and continuity. As a result, Human resources departments need to take the utmost care when choosing employees. This means going over thousands upon thousands of CVs, interviews, cover letters, etc. It is no easy feat, and there is no room for error. Modern recruitment tools will help your HR department do their job better, and more efficiently. Here is a list of the best recruitment tools to incorporate in you HR recruitment process.

But first, what are recruitment tools?

Recruitment tools are digital software and programs that aim to automate and streamline the recruitment process for quicker results and to avoid any biased opinions and other forms of error.

Types of recruitment tools:

Based on their results, recruitment tools can be categorized into different types.

  • Job Aggregators:

These tools are most commonly called jobboards. They help companies promote their current employment offersand get in touch with potential employees. Sabiss recruitments can be taken as an example for a job aggregator.

  • Testing & Assessment:

Used to assess the candidate’s ability during the hiring process, these tools test various attributes that are essential to look for in every employee, such as skills, personality qualities, behavioral characteristics, aptitude, etc. You can currently find many tools that serve this purpose in the market, for instance, Pymetrics, HackerRank, Self Management Group, etc.

  • AI and Automation:

The most widely used recruitment tool on this list, it is a crowd favorite because it is based on Artificial Intelligence, or AI for short, and helps automate the hiring process efficiently. This type of recruitment tools screens candidates, analyses their profiles and data, enables virtual chat, etc.  Examples for widely used AI and Automation tools are , Textio, Ideal, etc.

  • Video Interviewing:

This tool has been most popular the last year, due to the covid-19 pandemic.  What makes it very popular is that it offers the luxury of interviewing people from a distance, which means it costs less, while taking into account factors such as facial expressions, voice tonality, choice of words, etc.  You can try Wepow, HireVue, VidCruiter, etc.

  • Recruitment CRM:

This recruitment tool is useful during the recruitment process, because they allow the HR department to maintain a long lasting relationship with the candidates during the recruitment process. These tools can be quite helpful during social recruiting.  Examples of nice CRM apps to use include SmashFly, Yello, Avature, etc.

  • Applicant Tracking System:

Another helpful automated recruitment tool is the ATS, or the applicant tracking system. What makes this tool so helpful is its database, which assists recruiters in the talent acquisition phase. We recommend Zoho recruit and Talent recruit.

What do you need recruitment tools for?

Recruitment tools can come in handy for many reasons, and at different time for the HR department.

First, they help cut down time from the lengthy recruitment process. Screening candidates, for instance, takes too much time and energy, as there are different methods to screen recruits.

The second major utility for recruitment tools is raising candidates reach. By sending out fully automated emails to potential employees about possible job posts and vacancies, recruitment tools saves you time and money.

Using recruitment tools will also allow you to gather effective feedback, as they help you analyze actual data from your recruitment process and its results, in order to improve future recruitments, as a result, you get to make good, well-informed decisions that will benefit your company on the long run.

What are the best qualities to look for in a recruitment tool?

Recruitment tools are an investment that will benefit your company greatly, if used properly. So what should you keep an eye on when choosing a recruitment tool?

  • Accuracy:

A recruitment tool is only as good as how accurate its results are. A well-functioning tool should filter parameters during the recruitment process accurately.  This way, it reduces human error, and boosts productivity levels by choosing only the best employees for you.

  • Cost-effectiveness:

The recruitment tools market is very diverse, but generally speaking, all different brands serve the same purposes. By nature, recruitment tools are all cost effective considering all of the services that they offer and how much use you can get out of them. But for those that can’t afford a paid, premium version, they are some great free alternatives as well. 

  • Efficiency:

The more automated a recruitment tool is, the more efficient it will be. As a result, you will benefit from short response time, and effective communication, a wider reach, and much more.

  • Consistency:

A good recruitment tool is a consistent one. Unlike humans, apps and software do not get tired, or make inconsistent efforts. With recruitment tools, what you see is what you get, and the same results are guaranteed each day.

How to efficiently use a recruitment tool?

In order to get the most use out of any recruitment tool, you must keep a few things in mind.

  • Align your strategy with your recruitment tools:

Make an exhaustive list with all of the methods that you are currently using to recruit new employees, and then single out the most effective ones as well as the worst performing. This way, you get to choose which recruitment aspects you want to work on and improve, thus choosing the appropriate tools to use.

  • Identify your biggest recruiting challenges :

Determining which recruitment challenges to target will make it easier to find adequate solutions, and how to find the best recruitment tools for you.

Keep in mind:

Recruitments can be a long, and extremely tedious process, but it will bring your company immeasurable benefits. Having a good recruitment plan will save you a lot of trouble, so make sure you choose adequate recruitment tools that will enhance your strengths while improving your weaknesses. When it comes to efficient recruiting, automated recruitment tools is the way to go!

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