Sell me this pen: How to answer a much-dreaded question

You must be a candidate who has an upcoming job interview or casually preparing for potential ones. You are scrolling through your google search results of “popular interview questions” then the sell me this pen question catches your eye. The question might be unsettling for some and is usually used by recruiters to test your improvisation skills and confidence.

Good thing you stumbled upon our article! Continue reading for some useful piece of advice on how to answer sell me this pen question confidently.

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Tip1: Whatever happens, do not say you have no answer!

Unless you are applying for a sales position, the recruiter is not interested in your answer to their request as much as to how you approach it. Do not stutter. Take a deep breath and a moment to think it through. Then trust your guts and speak confidently.

The question may vary. They could ask you: sell me this pen, sell me this pencil or sell me this water bottle. The recruiter could ask you to sell them any ordinary object in the room. Get your brains ready and give them your most creative answer. And most importantly… Confidence!

Tip2: Start off by asking questions

It is tough to come up with the perfect answer to “sell me this pen” within the first seconds. Asking the recruiter questions about their writing habits. How many times do they use a pen? For what? What is their experience with pens previously? And what are their expectations of the perfect pen?

This will not only buy you more time to think about the actual answer. It will also help you understand the needs of your potential buyer. So you could then employ that in your service to personalize your speech and convince them of buying the pen.

Remember that getting to know your audience is the first step to selling anything. This strategy works for whatever object they ask you to sell.

On an important note, if you are getting interviewed for a marketing or sales position make sure to not skip this step. Defining the targeted audience for any type of product is a very important step of every marketing strategy.

Tip3: How to sell a pen? Use an emotional speech!

You asked the recruiter about their experience with previous pens. Now use that to evoke emotions out of him. They were disappointed? Talk about how your pen will change that. They were satisfied? Adress how your pen would bring forth more satisfaction.

You could use lots of means to do so. Try some storytelling. Make it entertaining and emotional.

Turn the most boring and technical possible answers to “sell me this pen” into a delighting and pleasurable discourse.

Tip4: Highlight some technical features by the end of the “sell me this pen” process.

How will the technical features of the pen refine its user’s experience should be your focus point at this step. Technical details such as the ink flow and color are useful for the salesperson to praise. it’s an important portion of the selling process.

But don’t get too specific. Keep it brief to not bore your audience. Remember that “sell me your pen” is an interview question solely used to test your creativity and how you behave yourself in improvisation requiring situations!

Tip5: Close the deal and sell the pen!

Last but not least, comes the final step. This is your chance to leave an impression on the recruiter. So don’t fall into the trap of coming out with the famous line, “So, that is how I would sell you this pen”.

Show the recruiter that you know how to close a sale (as you would in a real-life situation). It might sound something like this:

“With its comfortable grip and perfect ink flow, this pen can help you write faster, save valuable time in your workday and get more done. We should move on to your order.”

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