The Best time to study English for beginners : When and How ?

English is an essential part of your education, from college to graduate school to your professional life and your career. So, you’ll learn Shakespeare’s language at some point in your life and be sure one day you’ll meet someone who speaks it. But when is the best time to study English?

Every stage of life has its advantages, so it’s up to you! Open up a world of opportunities or stay at your zone!

English in the Early Years – Kindergarten / Primary

Children learn best when they are small, so much so that children (up to about age 5) are often compared to sponges. Little ones are constantly learning and acquiring new knowledge allows them to develop additional skills. In small classes, learning is often done by playing without realizing it, which is a nice way to learn a new language and the best time to study english for them.

English as a teenager – middle school and/or high school

Between the ages of 10 and 18, you are still young and receptive to study english. Learning is often done in a group setting and you are immersed in the practical teaching of the language. It is all the more easy because young people will find a meaning and a personal interest and this exactly the best time to study English. Teenagers will find the mastery of English useful to watch their favorite series in the original version, understand video games or other content available on the web.

Another advantage, and not the least, is the opportunity to practice the language in an English-speaking context. Indeed, there are many opportunities to go on a language study trip for teenagers, to discover the British atmosphere, to visit the Big Apple, or to the sunny beaches of Australia, Hawaii or South Africa.

Also, knowledge of the language will open doors to the higher education of your dreams, so choose your best time to study english and begin.

Learn English in college

This is often the moment of truth. Your school, university or other place of study english requires a certain level of English already, and your classmates have taken advantage of the previous two periods to master the language; you’ll need to catch up. Often, Erasmus or another exchange program are best time to study english and can accelerates the need to learn the language. Abroad countries, in immersion, English will be the common language for both teachers and students. School and college courses can be taught in English or in part. In addition, the research and content available online for your assignments, research, and other presentations is very often in English.

If you haven’t needed English up until now, there is still the famous internship abroad or international experience to validate your degree can be your best time to study english; this is where the language stay can be a perfect introduction to your immersion in English-speaking land and this will also be your best time to study english.

Learn English as a professional

You are really motivated, because, let’s face it, outside of the academic circuit, it’s a real effort to dive back into your studies. Moreover, you will learn the English necessary and dedicated to your sector of activity, to your job. As the icing on the cake, as a professional, your language training abroad, online or near you, can be covered by the CPF.

Finally, the best advice we can give you is to DARE! Yes, dare to communicate and to launch yourself. We often notice that French speakers have a strange relationship with their language and the “bon parlé”. The slightest mistake in grammar or agreement is social suicide.

English speakers have a completely different approach, they are not afraid to chew and stretch their language in all directions. Grammatical errors are not important to them, in fact they make them themselves! Language is first and foremost a communication tool, it must be used as such. The goal is to be understood and nobody will judge you if you forget an “-s” in the third person singular, even the Beatles do it!

Now you have no excuse not to take the plunge and become one of the 850 million people who speak English!

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