The guide to writing a good cover letter: How to enrich your applications

Writing a good cover letter can be a hard task especially when applying to a lot of jobs at once. That is when the laziness kicks in. You google “Cover Letter templates“, click on the first link and copy paste the text altering only your name and the company’s.

If you do so, your cover letter won’t even be read. Recruiters have memorized by heart the common copy-pasted openings. It will only give them a bad impression and show a lack of interest towards the job.

So what is the secret to writing a cover letter that will stand out of the pile? How do you catch the recruiter’s attention starting from the first line? Continue reading to find out our guide to writing a good cover letter!

Write a freshly new letter with every new job application.

Whether it’s a template you found online or an old cover letter you wrote for a former job application, forget about it and get yourself a blank page to start with. While working on an existing text you are risking keeping irrelevant information.

Moreover, recruiters can easily distinct between a freshly written cover letter and one you tikered with last minute to make it fit for the position you’re applying for.

Investing a little time and effort into writing a cover letter using your own words is the first step in the guide to writing a good cover letter.

Talk to the person who is hiring for the position directly.

It depends on where did you stumble upon the job offer. If the hiring manager’s name is mentionned with the job description, do not hesitate to address him personally. If not, it’s enough to make sure you are using the second person singular pronoun in your speech rather than addressing the company as a general entity. This will help build a personal relationship with the recruiter and enhance your cover letter.

Avoid restating information that is already mentioned on your resume.

The recruiter does not want to read your resume twice. A cover letter is used to complement your resume and strengthen your application. If you want pertinent tips for writing a good cover letter, try mentioning details that you do not have space for in your resume. Show your enthusiasm for the position and talk about your motivations to join the company. You can also display how you will use the skills illustrated on your resume in favors of the job you will be assigned to do.

Pay attention to the tone of your speech.

The best way to write a good cover letter is using a positive tone. The text should be able to convey your ambition and determination to its reader who also happens to be the hiring manager.

The tone of your letter should also be confident. It is advised to brag a little about your past accomplishments and show that you are in control of your work, and you master your skills perfectly.

Keep it light and brief.

Recruiters do not have all day to read two paged or more cover letters. They have a pile of applications to check and shortlist from. Keep yours clear, concise, and easy to read.

Proof reading is the last step of writing a great cover letter.

Before submitting your cover letter make sure that it is free of spelling and grammatical mistakes. This is the last step for writing a good cover letter. Read it thoroughly and get a second opinion so they can help spot mistakes that you missed.

Reread the job offer to see if there are any requirements on how the application should be structured (the font size, the format, the e-mail’s title…etc.) and make sure to respect them if there are any.

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