The Most In Demand Skills in South Africa

South Africa is one of the most sought-after countries in the world for career opportunities. With a global population of over 60 million people, the country is quickly becoming among the most developed nations across the globe. With a strong economy and high quality of life, it’s no surprise that many people are looking to move there.

However, not everyone is aware of the most wanted skills in South Africa. So, to make the best decision for your career, you need to know the skills that are in demand in South Africa.


Technology is everywhere these days, and it’s changing the way we live. It’s changed the world in so many ways, and it has many opportunities for careers. As such, it is among the most wanted skills in South Africa. According to South Africa’s largest provider of information technology training, there are more than 82000 IT jobs currently available in South Africa. The majority of these jobs are in data security, systems administration and networking. It is among the biggest skills that are in demand in South Africa.

Employment growth also looks promising in various fields like software testing and development. With such a large demand for technology-related skills, it’s no surprise that some individuals have decided to move to South Africa specifically because of this. It ranks best among the most in demand skills in South Africa.

Business Management

Business management abilities are among the most wanted skills in South Africa. They are in demand skills in South Africa that most people possess or yearn to possess. This is because businesses continue to grow larger each year due to innovation, competition and growth opportunities globally. You can be sure that the abilities are mentioned in the top skills that are in demand in South Africa.

With increased demand comes a greater supply of business management professionals who can help businesses maximize the return from their growth and offer the best solutions. It is among the most in demand skills in South Africa that anyone can have. Besides enhancing your employment chances, it also makes you better at running your own enterprise.


As the number of people requiring medical attention continues to rise, so does the demand for healthcare professionals. The demand for health services is expected to continue to increase, especially with healthcare workers earning very competitive salaries in South Africa. Following this, it ranks as the most wanted skills in South Africa in 2022.

Even with high salaries, these professionals are in high demand due to ongoing shortages of nurses and other health workers in South Africa. There is a great need for qualified health care professionals such as nurses, doctors and allied health professionals. They are the most wanted skills in South Africa that you should consider possessing.


South Africa is set to become the largest telecommunication market in Africa, and this is thanks to the steadily rising number of consumer mobile subscriptions. With a higher number of consumers who are opting to stay connected, more companies are looking to get involved in the telecommunications sector, which makes it very competitive as well. It is among the renowned skills that are in demand in South Africa.

South Africans can expect more job opportunities in telecommunications due to the increased demand for professionals and training courses that will be needed as this industry continues its growth and expansion. With telecommunications ranking top as skills in demand in South Africa, the industry is expected to stabilize even more.

Security and Law Enforcement Disciplines

The rise of sophisticated crime syndicates has resulted in a need for many security specialists, especially on an international scale. This has resulted in high demand for security professionals who can move from one country to another providing services that extend beyond their home country’s borders.

It has also led to an increase in South African applicants who are seeking jobs abroad with these companies. These professionals don’t need an advanced education or degrees and can start earning more money in the short term.

Personal Care and Lifestyle Disciplines

With an increase in people staying active and health-conscious, there is a growing demand for personal care professionals. The need for these professionals is especially high with young people, who want to look their best as well as maintain a healthy lifestyle. There are many personal care jobs that are available in South Africa, which can be done from home.

This makes them appealing for those looking for part-time or full-time opportunities on a flexible schedule and where they get to work from the comfort of their own homes. Quickly check through Sabiss and find all the available jobs in South Africa.

Agriculture and Cropping

South Africa is known for its natural resources and agriculture sector, which has made this industry one of the most important in the country. Many agricultural investors are looking to start up farms and grow crops, especially those who have idle land or have specific types of produce they’re looking to grow. These are quite in demand skills in South Africa that you should consider owning.

As income levels continue to rise within the African continent, there will be more people looking to purchase land or start plantations where they can grow specific crops and even begin exporting them outside of the country.

Banking Sector

The financial services industry is another popular career path that many people choose to take part in when they’re working overseas – from being an account executive to a banker. There are several banks that have opened their doors in bigger cities and towns in South Africa, which has created more jobs for people within the sector. Due to this, the skills have quickly risen to being the in demand skills in South Africa.

Of course, some banks might employ more individuals than others depending on what type of services they’re looking to offer as well as how much work is needed to make up for their business. You only need to confirm the benefits as you apply for these opportunities.

Engineering & Technology

The engineering and technology set is among the most in demand skills in South Africa. Many people work for companies that deal with machine and computer technology, construction, engineering and even medical equipment.

This industry can be found in cities throughout the country, although it is mostly focused on Cape Town. What makes this industry grow so much is because of immigration from other countries like India and China. This is because those people already have a certain level of education that their country requires for menial jobs


These are the highest in demand skills in South Africa today. With the many types of jobs in the country, you can comfortably apply for the positions you qualify for. Whatever you want to do, such as working at a bakery or making coffee, there’s always a job available. However, you should make sure that you’re paying attention to the different industries that are growing in South Africa so that you know what kind of most in demand skills they require. Also, think about the certifications needed before applying for opportunities in this field. This will go a long way towards helping you find your best option for employment when it comes to finding a good job in South Africa.

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